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Which of these is not a healthy coping skill?

A. Write, draw, paint

B. Go for a smoke break

C. Play a game, instrument, sport

D. watch kitten videos on YouTube

B. Go for a smoke break


What is one healthy and one unhealthy way of responding to anxiety?

Possible healthy answers: various mindfulness or CBT skills

Possible unhealthy answers: avoidance/ buy or borrow some Xanax (anti-anxiety) medication from a neighbor or friend that is not prescribed to you


What is a support group?

A group of people with common experiences or concerns who provide each other with encouragement, comfort, and advice.


 What does the self-help programs AA and NA stand for?

Alcohol Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous


Martin Luther King Jr earn what award in October 1964?

A. Oscar award

B. Nobel Peace Prize

C. Grammy award

D. Teen Choice Award

B. Nobel Peace Prize


Which of these are not healthy coping skills?

A. Radical acceptance

B. Deep breathing (breathe in for 5 seconds, hold breathe for 3 seconds, and breathe out for 7 seconds)

C. Grounding yourself by identify one thing you detect with each of the 5 senses (site, sounds, touch, smells, taste)

D. Ignore emotions that you don’t want to acknowledge or fee

D. Ignore emotions that you don’t want to acknowledge or feel


You are having difficulty staying focused on conversations or activities. What is one healthy strategy and one unhealthy to improve your focus?

Possible healthy answers: Ask the person with whom you are talking to slow down or repeat things you are unsure of. Check to make sure you understand by summarizing what you heard. / minimize distractions so you concentrate on only one thing/ break down the activity into smaller parts and take frequent breaks

Possible unhealthy answers: take ADHD medication (i.e Aderol) that isn’t prescribed to you by buying or borrowing a pill from a friend or neighbor/ give up, it’s not worth the effort, it’s a waste of time to even try.


What is social Withdrawal?

When you avoid contact with people more than is healthy, common, or recommended; this term is a side effect of many mental illnesses


 When someone tells themselves encouraging things, what type of coping skill are they using?

Examples: I can do this, I’ll be able to save money, I’ll be able to keep my job, I won’t have as many arguments with my family

Positive self-talk


Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different. 

True or false?



which of these are not healthy interpersonal coping skills?  

A. Set boundaries

B. Talk to someone who trust

C. Fight or argue to release negative emotions 

C. Role-play challenging situations

C. Fight or argue to release negative emotions

Name two healthy and two unhealthy strategies to fall asleep.

Possible healthy answers: try to make room dark and a comfortable temperature, avoid napping during the day, avoid caffein after 6pm, go to sleep and get up at the same time every day

Possible unhealthy answers: take medication (i.e. sleeping pill) that is not prescribed to you, but that you bought or borrowed from a friend or neighbor,  use a substance (smoke marijuana, drink alcohol) to help you fall asleep


What is one healthy and one unhealthy coping strategies for when you feel less interests and pleasure in things you use to enjoy?

Possible healthy answers: be patient with yourself. Take one small step to getting back to activities you previously enjoyed. / ask people in your support system to do things with you. / regularly schedule enjoyable activities or investigate new interests (watching movies, painting, play sports, reading, writing, etc.)

Possible unhealthy answers: sleep or watch TV nonstop until this struggle resolves itself or goes away by itself, just like how it came by itself/ drink a few beers, everything is more fun with a little bit of alcohol


What is something to avoid when you are trying to stop or reduce substance use besides the substance itself?

People who encourage you to use, triggering places, boredom, etc.


McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli.

True or False



which of these are not healthy coping skills?

A. Make a gratitude list, write a list of your strengths

B. Brainstorm solutions, make a list of goals, make ‘pros vs cons’ list

C. Act opposite of negative feelings

D. Think about the concern troubling you over and over and over 

D. Think about the concern troubling you over and over and over again


Delusions are beliefs that are firmly held even though there are no facts to back them up. What is one healthy way and one unhealthy way to respond to a delusion?

Possible healthy answers: distract yourself from the disturbing beliefs by doing something that takes you’re your mental attention, like doing a puzzle or adding a row of numbers/ distract yourself with physical activity, like going for a brisk walk/ check out your belief by talking to someone you trust

Possible unhealthy answers: proceed as if the beliefs are true, if they’re not then it’ll     prove themselves as false: lesson learned/ convince others that the beliefs are true; if other people believe its true then it probably is


What are two healthy and two unhealthy coping strategies for when you are drained you of energy or feel unmotivated?

Possible healthy answers: b. set goals for daily activities. Start with one or two activities and gradually build up to a full schedule./ identify things that you still enjoy & build strengths in those areas/ talk to someone you like and trust, and let them know how you are feeling. Sometimes another person has good ideas you can try/ Ask people to join you in activities. You may be more likely to follow through with your plans when someone else is involved.

Possible unhealthy answers: sleep until you feel better (more than 9 hours/night), maybe you’ll get some more energy afterwards/ drink 8 cups of coffee in one day to hopefully give you some artificial energy (caffeine)/ keep to yourself through isolation (being constantly alone; social withdrawal), you don’t want to bother anyone with your struggles; they probably have enough problems of their own without being burdened by you


You are unsure if you need to quit or reduce the use of drugs or alcohol. What is one helpful step can you do to help you make a decision and what is one unhelpful step you could take?

Possible healthy answers: educate yourself about the scientific facts about drugs and alcohol / identify the advantages and disadvantages of using drugs and alcohol (make a pros and cons list)

Possible unhealthy answers: Tell your boss, significant other, parents, or other people to bug-off because its your life so you will live it your way/ consume a little more drugs and alcohol to see how your body responds to the increased dose/amount


How many muscles do cats have in each ear?

A. 1

B. 5

C. 17

D. 32

D. 32


Which of these is not a healthy strategy for staying calm?

A. drink a few beers to relax yourself

B. distract yourself

C. count to ten before responding

D. leave the situation or change the subject

A. Drink a few beers to relax yourself


Hallucinations are when one or more of their senses detects something that is not truly occurring. Examples include seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and /or smelling things when nothing is there. What is one healthy and one unhealthy coping strategies to respond to hallucinations?

Possible healthy answers: distract yourself by doing something that takes your attention, such as talking to someone, reading, going for a walking; hum to yourself or listen to music to drown out the hallucinated voices/  check out your experience with someone you trust (if someone heard voices outside their window, they could ask their brother/roommate to listen & give their opinion

Possible unhealthy answers: comply with the hallucination: do what the voice tells you, respond to the smell, interact with what you see/ convince or warn everyone about the voice, thing seen, smell


What is a negative symptom?

Lack of feelings or behaviors that are usually present


Losing interest in everyday activities, like bathing, grooming, or getting dressed

Feeling out of touch with other people, family, or friends

Lack of feeling or emotion (apathy)

Having little emotion or inappropriate feelings in certain situations

Having less ability to experience pleasure


You are trying to quit or reduce the amount of drugs & alcohol you use, but you know there are people in your life who will try to encourage you to join them in using the substances. What is one healthy thing and one unhealthy thing you can do to prepare ahead of time to stick to your goal without having a relapse or setback?

Possible healthy answers: rehearse (play out, practice, act out) with your therapist how you plan to respond so you become more comfortable and confident with the strategy/ if the person is harmful influence in your life, decide to distance yourself from the person or (find new friends who are a more positive influence or can support your new lifestyle change)

Possible unhealthy answers: run away or hide whenever you see them so they don’t ask you to join them in using the substance/ fake participation in the activity (smoke by puffing into your mouth but don’t inhale the smoke into your lungs, take the shot into your mouth and spit it into a beer/soda can when pretending to use it as a chaser


King Tutankhamun became ruler of Ancient Egypt when he was just nine years old. When did he die?

A. 1 year later

B. 10 years later

C. 20 years later

D. 50 years later

E. 70 years later

B. 10 years later

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