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Your client gives you 3 emails they use that they want on file.

You create 3 different contacts with the same info, but different emails


T or F: Addy will cry if she sees a partial First/Last name in the contact info section

Too true T_T


The GOLDEN RULE of Tickets

Good Vibes ONLY


Whats Addys new cat named? 

Jobu Tupacki!! 


Name the differences between "Action Requested: Build Out" and "Action Requested: Fulfillment"

Action Requested: Build Out - For action items or tasks during the product buildout proccess
Ex- GBP suspension appeal ticketsAction Requested: Fulfillment - For products that are built, you're looping in the fulfillment team
Ex - Review intervention tickets


Client wants to change their domain 3 months after launching the site.

Who do you ticket:
What Ticket Type is it: 

Who: Josh
Type: Action Requested: Fufilment


You finally got in contact with a tricky client, they say "Julie the receptionist" quit, what do you do with her contact in UNI

Delete it


What you do if you have no updates for a ticket



When do you use the "Website Chat" Ticket Origin

When the issue behind the ticket comes from your client texting you on CTM


How often should you update a Priority ticket 

Every day/as soon as you have info to add


You just got Registrar Credentials for the domain! What ticket type do you use to give this info to Josh? 

TRICK QUESTION - you put registrar info in the Globe, you then push the Complete Launch Info state to let him know the site is ready for launch 


Your client Jim wants his son to get all information about their GBP program, but he doesnt want his son getting any billing info, that just goes to Jim.

What email Type Tags do they both get

Jims Type Tags: Billing

His son: Production, Marketing


T or F: The PSA has to add Josh Early to the billing tickets when you get the updated payment info.


YOU as the DMS add Josh when you get updated payment info 


Whos birthday is it today?

Ottos Birthday! HBD OTTO!!!
(and Hedy Lamarr - Google her) 


T or F: You create 4 separate fulfillment tickets when you need to be added to your clients 4 different GBPs

False - you can create one ACCESS ticket and add all the relevant P#s to one ticket if it pertains to the same issue behind the ticket.


You're on the phone with Jenny, your clients wife who co-owns the business, she wants portal access and only Billing and Production emails

How do you fill out the contact information field? 

TRICK QUESTION - unless you have Jennys last name you DO NOT fill out a contact for her!!


you get a call from a person hos voice you dont recognize, but its coming from your clients business line....what do you do?

Take down their information- ALL their information  (might be a new contact), confirm w the primary point of contact via email if this new contact can get Portal access. 


Protocol for Contact Tickets

1. Contact the Client
2. Add what happened when you contacted the client to the ticket
3. If you didn't reach the client repeat steps 1&2 until you do


(Not Halie <3)
Name the features and benefits of OMG InContact

Contact Management, Flexible Email Scheduling, Professionally Written Emails, Compressive Reporting, List building tools, dedicated support, automated communications, SMS- Add on


When do you make Escalation tickets? 

Trick Question - you dont make escalation tickets, you change existing tickets to an escalation ticket type when it needs to be escalated to a manager


Your client doesnt have a gmail account, how are they going to log into OMGinSite?

If the email they used to make their FB or Amazon account is in UNI (and marked off for portal access) they can log in via Facebook or Amazon


Gina has 3 phone numbers associated with her; she answers the main business line, per personal Cell, and her work Cell...how do you put this in the contact section

You chain relate all #s to Gina, when putting the #s in the Phone #s section you select Business or Mobile for each line, and in the Notes Section you can denote which # is her business cell and which is her personal cell


Name the 5 most important Ticket Types

Contact, Billing, Priority, Escalation, Cancelation 


How often do you update a redo ticket?

You dont lol 

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