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The Branches of Geography
Themes of Geography
The Geographer's Tools
Geography Handbook

The study of the world, its people, and the landscape they create. 

What is Geography. 

The two main branches of geography include. 

What are physical and human geography. 

Physical- land-forms, bodies of water, climates, soils, and plants 

Human- people, communities 


The five themes of geography. 

What is location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region. 


The two most common tools used by Geographers. 

What is a map and a globe. 

The difference between lines of latitude and lines of longitude. 

Lines of latitude are east-west line; lines of longitude are north-south lines 


To a geographer, a place's ___________ is all the human and physical features that make it unique. 

What is a place's landscape. 


What does the branch of hydrology study? 

What is the study of water on earth. 


The difference between absolute and relative location. 

Absolute location is a specific location like an address or coordinates, relative location is the general description of a location, like Canada is north of America


3 Reasons geographers might make maps. 

Show land use and cities 

Provide information about population or language use or people activities 

Describe elevation or climate 

Where ancestors come from 


Lines of longitude and latitude are measures in ___________, with 60 ____________ per _______________

What is degrees, minutes, per degree

The two characteristics that can define a region? 

What is physical and human 

ie. physical-mountain ranges, climates, plants 

human- language, history, religion

Three other types of specialized fields of geography? 

What are cartography(the science of making maps), hydrology (the study of water on earth), meteorology(the study of weather and what causes it).  


An area's ____________ includes its land, water, climate, plants, and animals. 

What is environment 


What do the abbreviations GPS and GIS stand for? 

Global Positioning System 

Geographic Information System 

The three types of map projections
What is cylindrical, conic, and flat-plane 

The three levels that geographers look at when they are studying a place?

What is the local level, the regional level, and the global level. 


The reason human geographers often specialize in smaller area of study? 

What is people's lives are so different that no one can study every aspect. 

The following is not an Essential Element of Geography: The World in Spatial terms, Place and Region, Human System, Environment System,Physical System, The uses of Society

What is Environment system. 

Correct Elements: he World in Spatial terms, Place and Region, Human System, Environment and Society,Physical System, The uses of Society


Besides maps, globes, and satellites, what are 3 other tools used by geographers?

Graphs, charts, phones, databases, models, notebooks, recorders 


The five elements/features of a map

What is a title, compass rose, scale, legend, and a locator map

The important reasons for geographers to study people and places? 

What is because places can affect where and how people live, and people can have an impact on their environment.  


How do cartographers contribute to the work of others geographers? 

What is they make maps that other geographers use to study different aspects of the world. 


What are some common interactions between people and their environments? 

What are agriculture, fishing, building a place to live, development, mining 


How are satellites useful to geographers?  

What is they collect information we cannot see from Earth's surface; they also show what an area looks like from far above 

This type of map focuses on one special topic, like climate, or population 

What is a thematic map
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