US Revolution
French Revolution
Short Answer

An act that required American Colonists the pay a tax on different types of paper and cards to help pay for British troops stationed in the Colonies during the Seven Years War. 

The Stamp Act


Gathering of all three Estates convened by King Louis XVI. The resulting lack of representation for the Third Estate led to the establishment of the National Assembly

The Estates General


How did Napoleon rise to power?

A coup d'etat that overthrew the Directory

A class system that divided French Society into three groups: The Clergy, the Nobility, and everyone else.

The Estate System


What is ONE way the French Revolution changed French society? 

Got rid of the Estate System

Replaced the monarchy with a republican style of government 

Lessened the influence and prevalence of the Catholic Church


A confrontation between British soldiers and a crowd of colonists in Boston resulted in the killing of five colonists. This event fueled anti-British sentiment.

The Boston Massacre


Name one characteristic of pre-revolution France 

Monarchical system, high inequality, poor ecomic situation, the estate ststem, close ties between the Catholic church and French Monarchy


What battle was Napoleon defeated and marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars?

The Battle of Waterloo


A love for one's country that comes with the hate of others. Believing your country is better and should above the others. 


How did fear lead to violence in the French Revolution

Fearing the rise of anti-revolutionary sentiment would undo gains and bring back the Old Regime, the Committee of Public Safety prosecuted, arrested, and killed anyone accused of counter revolutionary ideas. The National Assembly created a surveillance state where citizens were encouraged to report each other for suspicion activity. 


Which Philosopher had the biggest influence on Thomas Jefferson when he wrote the Declaration of Independence 

John Locke


What was one goal of the Revolution

Otherthrowing the Monarchy

Establishing a republic 

Granting all citizens equal rights 



What were Napoleon's three biggest mistakes that led to the downfall of his empire? (100 points each)

The continental system

The Peninsular Wars 

The Invasion of Russia


Document that stated the values of the French Revolution. These rights included a government by the people and that each citizen had natural rights. 

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen


Name one Similarity and one difference between the French and American Revolutions.

Similarity: Both fought against monarchical rule in favor of democratic values and individual liberties.

Difference: American sought freedom from the British taxation without representation, but did not intend to upend the social and economic structure like the French did. 


What is one principle of the Declaration of Independence

All men (people) are created equal

The right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

Consent of the governed


What group was the leading force behind the Reign of Terror and constituted one of the most radical faction of the revolutionaries

The Jacobins


Name 2 things that happened as a result of the Congress of Vienna?

Monarchy was reestablished in France 

Peace in Europe for the next 100 years


Time period in the French Revolution characterized by violence, surveillance, and executions of people with anti-revolutionary sentiment

The Reign of Terror


Name one way the Enlightenment philosophers influenced either the French or American Revolutions.

Locke's Natural Rights present in the declaration of Independence. The Social Contract is present in the French and American Revolution's ideas of the consent of the governed.