Opinion Writing
Random Part 2

In “smart” cities, computer systems and apps interconnect to make the city’s physical resources more cost-effective and run more smoothly.

What does the word effective mean?


To work the way it was supposed to. 

Giving a desired or intended result. 


What is a claim? 

Your stance on an issue 


Sure, some gadgets are truly ridiculous, like self-stirring mugs with a button that turns on a rotating blade inside. Really, people? Is it that hard to swirl the cup around? Or use a spoon?

On the other hand, some “silly” gadgets actually serve valuable purposes. For example, robot vacuums can help people who have mobility issues and can’t get around very well.

On the other hand gives a(n) ___________________________ idea. 



If a stoplight changes suddenly or another car swerves, the vehicle will take corrective action faster than a person could.

What does the word corrective mean?

Tending to correct


Barcelona began its smart transformation when it hosted the Olympics in 1992.

Transformation means a ______________ in form.



How do you write your claim? 

I believe that..............

I think that..............


When we learned that sonar canals helped with evaporation and energy in India, it was an example of which text structure? 

problem and solution


cause and effect 


compare and contrast 

Problem and Solution 


Which of the following supports the argument that driverless cars can have many errors. 

A. "Some people are very excited about the possibility of self-driving cars."
B. "You have to trust the vehicle to take you where you're going."
C. "The cars will also use roads and parking spaces more efficiently."
D. "Remember all the times your cell phone has been unable to get a signal or dropped a call."

B & D


Barcelonans want their extensive use of smart technology to improve people’s lives.

What does the word extensive mean?

Large in area or amount


Reasons must always be supported with 

text evidence


List at least three signal words for problem and solution

problem, issue, drawback, solution, answer, so that, solve, help


Read the sentence from paragraph 2.

Millions of sensors and transmitters would have to be installed, and the cost would be enormous.

The root word mit means "send." and Trans means "across"  

What do transmitters do?

They send signals across a distance


Cutting down trees for fuel can be destructive, too.

What does the word destructive mean?

Tending to destroy 


How do you know the text evidence is reliable? 

There are reliable sources providing information 


There are true facts to defend your reasoning


What does it mean to synthesize? 

Take what you know plus what you read to come up with new ideas about a topic


Choose two sentences from the text that describe possible benefits of self-driving cars.

A. "Remember all the times your wireless connection has failed or your computer froze up."
B. "If a stoplight changes suddenly or another car swerves, the vehicle will take corrective action more quickly than a person could."
C. "Instead of spending time driving, people will be able to use their travel time to do other things, like reading or working."
D. "You don't own a car, so you contact a business that rents autonomous vehicles and reserve a car for your trip."

B & C 


Photothermal energy is absorbed by an inner metal box and a layer of wool.

The Greek root photo means "light" and the root therm means "heat." What does photothermal mean?

Relating to light and heat 


What weakens your argument in an opinion piece? 

Hint: It's when you have an idea about a specific group of people that isn't always true



The sentence below is how you write what you synthesized about a topic. 

Finish the sentence. 

I use to think, but ________________________

now I know that 


Which might benefit from self-driving cars?

A. People who live far from their relatives.
B. People who work at car rental companies.
C. People with disabilities that cannot drive.
D. People who cannot afford to own a car.

C. People with disabilities that cannot drive.