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Name the primary source: "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal..."

Declaration of Independence 


Where were the vast majority of enslaved people taken? 1) Mainland North America, 2) Brazil & The West Indies, OR 3) Europe

2) Brazil & The West Indies 


What did the Supreme Court rule on the Dred Scott case? 

The Dred Scott decision was the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on March 6, 1857, that having lived in a free state and territory did not entitle an enslaved person, Dred Scott, to his freedom. In essence, the decision argued that, as someone's property, Scott was not a citizen and could not sue in a federal court.


Define vertical integration & horizontal expansion. 

Vertical integration: companies avoidance of middleman by producing its own supplies and providing for distribution of its product. 

Horizontal expansion: the process by which a corporation acquires or merges with its competitors 


What is the difference between realism and liberalism? 

Realism- states act in their own self interest; states must rely on their own power to protect themselves & defend their interests

Liberalism- emphasizes cooperation and interdependence among states; argue that international institutions can help promote peace 


Name the source: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union..."

United States Constitution 


Which southern colony originally banned slavery?  

Founded in 1732 by philanthropist James Oglethorpe whose hope was to improve conditions for imprisoned debtors and abolish slavery. Georgia was created to be a haven where the worth poor could enjoy economic opportunity. Initially liquor and slavery were banned. In 1751, when the colony was surrendered to the crown, the people voted to repeal the ban on slavery and liquor. Georgia became a miniature version of SC


Describe the myth of the Lost Cause.

It is an American pseudohistorical negationist myth that claims the cause of the Confederate States during the American Civil War was just, heroic, and not centered on slavery. However, the VP of the Confederacy himself said that slavery and white supremacy was the "cornerstone" of their new government.


How did social darwinism misappropriate Darwin's scientific theory?

In a highly oversimplified form, language borrowed from Darwain, such as “natural selection,” “the struggle for existence” and “the survival of the fittest” entered public discussion of social problems. Vocabulary of “natural superiority” used to justify slavery reemerged in the vocabulary of modern science to explain the success and failure of individuals and social classes. According to what came to be called Social Darwinism, evolution was as natural a process in human society as in nature, and government must not interfere. Using this belief, people argued against laws regulating conditions of work or public assistance to the poor. The giant industrial corporation, Social Darwinists believed, had emerged because it was better adapted to its environment than early forms of enterprise. To restrict its operations by legislation would reduce society to a more primitive level. In this view, the poor are responsible for their own fate and failure to advance in society was widely thought to indicate a lack of character, an absence of self reliance and determination in the face of adversity. 


What was the "white man's burden"? Name one international relations example where it can be seen. 

The idea that American's have the responsibility/ "burden" to civilize the rest of the non-European world. 


Which amendment contains the 1) citizenship clause, 2) privileges and immunities clause, and 3) equal protection clause

14th amendment 


Name 3 religions that enslaved people were familiar with. 

Traditional African religions, Islam, Christianity 


T/F Slavery ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. 

False- Emancipation Procolmation banned slavery in states of rebellion. Many of those enslaved people try to escape as contraband of war prior to the proclomation, and after tried to escape to union lines to be free. Many of those who escaped joined the ranks of the union army and faught in the civil war. There were states in the union that were slave states where this did not apply. Slavery ended officially with the 13th amendment and it took roughly 2 and a half years after the passaage of the emancipation procolomation for federal troops to arrive at Galveston, Texas to ensure all enslaved people be free. This day was June 19th 1865, and today we celebrate it as “Juneteenth”


What does "progressive" mean? 

The belief that the government should take action to make a change in society. (examples: anti-lynching, women's suffrage, temperance movement, park conservation, anti-trust legislation, eugenics) 


The US entered WW1 following which event? 

March 1917 british spies intercepted and made public the zimmerman telegram a message by german foreign secretary arthur zimmerman calling on mexico to join in a coming war against the united states and promising to help it recover territory lost in the mexican american war of 1846-1848. On april 2 wilson asked congress for a declaration of war against germany. The world he proclaimed must be made safe for democracy. 


Name two places where slavery was indirectly mentioned in the constitution. 

1) any person who was not free would be counted as three-fifths of a free individual for the purposes of determining congressional representation 2) Congress could not prohibit the "importation" of persons prior to 1808 3) Gives enslavers the right to seize enslaved people who escaped to free states


Name two specific examples of resistance to slavery? 

Running away, rebelling, creating culture (family, religion, art, etc), slowing down production, etc 


How did Booker T Washington & W.E.B. DuBois differ in their opinions on how the African American community can prosper?  

Booker T Washington: “Cast down your bucket where you are” = create businesses in the south & economic success  

W.E.B DuBois: "First, political power; Second, insistence on civil rights; Third, higher education of Negro youth" = education & the talented 10%


Name two causes of the Great Depression. 

Overproduction & Underconsumption (Credit & Installment Buying, Agriculture products price dropping, Speculation in the stock markets)

Stock Market Crash 1929

Weak banking system (Federal Reserve didn’t print enough money to combat deflationary cycle)

WW1 Global Economy (Germany owed money to France which it paid with borrowed American money; France & Britain owed money to USA which it paid with German reparations)


Define: 1) Neutrality Acts, 2) Cash and Carry AND 3) Lend Lease Act 

1) Banned travel on belligerents’ ships and the sale of arms to countries at war

2) Pay & pick up arms

3) "Promise" to pay back arms in the future 


Human beings participate in history both as actors and narrators. As such, different theories of knowing history have emerged. What is the difference between "positivism" and "constructivism" ?  

Positivist emphasize the distinction between the historical world and what we say or write about it. Constructivists have stressed the overlap between the historical process and narratives about the process. 


Who was Omar Ibn Said and how did white, Christian newspapers use his life story to further the pro slavery argument? 

Omar Ibn Said was born to a wealthy family in West Africa and was an Islamic scholar before being captured at the age of 37 and bring brought to SC. Although today his conversion to Christianity is doubted, newspapers at the time highlighted his conversion to Christianity as proof that slavery was a benevolent institution, furthering the pro slavery argument.  


Who was Audre Lorde? What did she say was the difference between anger and hatred? 

Audre Lorde (1934-1992) was a writer, poet, civil rights and lesbian activist. In her speech "The Uses of Anger: Women Responding to Racism" she says that her response to racism is anger. She uses that anger to motivate action in change, as oppose to others falling into the trap of hatred or guilt which are paralyzing forces. 


What was the GI Bill? How does it connect the "affluent society" and "suburbia"? 

It was 1944 legislation that provided money for college education, unemployment insurance, and housing for WW2 veterans. It was unequally distributed to vets and thus it helped finance the move of white families to the suburbs since doing so was now more financially feasible thanks to the GI Bill. Although the 50's is know as an "affluent society," this mass move to the suburbs left cities with less investments and money as many white families fled to the suburbs.  


Who referred to the Vietnam war as a "white man's war, a black man's fight" & why? 

MLK believed in nonviolence, but was especially disillusioned with the war because of the unequal draft system referred to in the quote