Native American History
Westward Expansion

Once numbering at about 60 million in the late 1700's, this American animal was almost wiped out in the late 1800's due to overhunting.

What is the American buffalo?


This is the nickname for the houses that the first white settlers of Nebraska usually lived in.

What are soddies?


Dangerous working conditions, low pay and long hours led industrial workers to create the following.

What are unions?


Once called The Great American Desert, this region of the US is now considered to be America's Bread Basket.

What is the Great Plains?


This man is most famous for patenting the first practical telephone.

Who is Alexander Graham Bell?


This Great Plains Native American tribe boasts Sitting Bull as one of it's former leaders.

Who are the Sioux?


These immigrants were the largest ethnic minority to construct the Central Pacific Railroad.

Who are the Chinese railroad workers?

This man became the richest person in the world through an extremely successful oil business.

Who is John D Rockefeller?


Invented by John Deere, this piece of equipment allowed settlers to farm the tricky soil of the Great Plains 

What is the steel plow?


French for "let it happen", this economic philosophy advocates for limited government regulations so the economy is free to expand and prosper.

What is laissez faire economics?


This 1876 Montana battle resulted in Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse defeating the 7th Calvary Regiment.

What is the Battle of Little Bighorn?


This is the location at which the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads finally met and connected in 1869.

What is Promontory Utah?


Once a poor boy from Scotland, he was the CEO of the company involved in the Homestead Strike of 1892.

Who is Andrew Carnegie?


This Utah university is an example of a land grant college established for research in agricultural science.

What is Utah State University?


This is the nickname for business executives who made a lot of money by exploiting their workers and their competitors in the late 1800's.

What are robber barons?


This is the name of the process by which Native American children lost their Native American languages and cultures and were molded into the culture of the white man.

What is assimilation?


This 1883 change to how railroad companies kept track of time is still used today.

What are time zones?


This 1800's industrial technique injected air into iron ore to help turn it into viable steel.

What is the Bessemer Process?


After the Civil War, this group of African Americans left the South to settle in Kansas in search of a better life

Who are the Exodusters?


This political group who advocated for an increased money supply nominated William Jennings Bryan for president in the Election of 1896.

Who are the Populists?


This 1868 agreement established the Black Hills Reservation and was intended to bring peace between Indians in the Great Plains and white settlers.

What is the Treaty of Fort Laramie?


This is the popular nickname for William Cody, who hunted for the railroads before he went on to create the most popular Wild West show of the 1800's.

Who is Buffalo Bill?

An example of this business technique would be if Walgreens bought every pharmacy to eliminate competition.

What is horizontal integration?


This law allowed would-be settlers to acquire 160 acres of farmland for free in unsettled lands owned by the government.

What is the Homestead Act of 1862?


This ceremony was used as an attempt to restore the quality of life that was being lost to Native Americans in the Great Plains during the Indian Wars.

What is the Ghost Dance?

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