Hodge Podge
Utah Laws
An interpreter is interpreting a play. When the interpreter arrives at the theater there is not a designated place nor light set for the interpreter. Using the Demand-Control Schema which of the following is a control the interpreter can use? (Interpret the play with the d/Deaf person holding a flashlight on the interpreter, Talk with the lighting crew to have a light set up for the interpreter, Interpret the play without the light, All of the above)
What is All of the above
Code Switching is
What is movement from ASL to more English-like signing
What percentage of Deaf people have hearing parents?
What is 90%
When is it permissible to interpret in Utah when you aren't certified?
What is when you interpret without being paid.
Who does the CPC protect?
What is the Deaf person, the hearing person and the interpreter
Which view of deaf people do many doctors and speech pathologists have?
What is a Pathological View
Which of the following sign systems uses a conceptually based reason for choosing a sign?
What is CASE
Joos defined register styles in 1967. Name one...
What is Formal, Casual or Intimate
Who is exempt from the requirement to have certification in Utah?
What is a teacher's aid who knows sign language
A deaf client with a weight problem has admitted herself to a well-known weight loss clinic. The clinic prides itself on its high success rate and permanent weight loss. You're hired to interpret for the deaf woman's entire stay. At a group session, you're interpreting, the group leader is screaming at the women and humiliating them for their poor eating habits. What do you do? (Support with a CPC tenet/illustrative behavior)
What is 2.5, 4.4...
Over the time sign language interpreters have been working, there have been four basic philosophical frames. They are:
What is Helper, Conduit, Communication Facilitator, Bi-Bi
A person using Cued language to communicate with a deaf person is using which process?
What is Transliteration
The NAD was set up at least partially in reaction to what event?
What is the 1880 Conference of Milan
The penalties for interpreting without certification in the State of Utah include:
What is revocation of certification
What is an acceptable reason to violate the CPC? a. A 16 year old girl is pregnant and isn't going to tell her parents. b. There isn't another interpreter available in town to go to court that day. c. The judge orders you to testify about an interpreting assignment.
What is C "The judge orders you to testify about an interpreting assignment".
Which form of interpretation is more accurate?
What is Consecutive
Which system would you use to interpret for a Deaf/Blind person who had no residual vision?
What is Tactile
What is the main reason for team interpreting?
What is providing support
At a workshop you see an interpreter that is not interpreting accurately what is being said. The Deaf person requested a certified interpreter and to your knowledge the interpreter is a friend of the presenter and being paid well for their time. What state law is this 'interpreter' violating?
What is Interpreting Services for the Hearing Impaired Act
An EIPA certified interpreter is working in a local school. During a routine locker search, the police find weapons in the locker of a Deaf student the interpreter works with. The principal calls the interpreter into the office and tells the interpreter to interpret for the police interrogation. What illustrative behavior of the tenet, 3.0 Conduct, of the CPC addresses the above conflict?
What is 3.2 "Decline assignments or withdraw from the interpreting profession when not competent due to physical mental or emotional factors."
Deaf culture has been classified as what kind of culture?
What is High Context
In ASL, what occurs first in a sentence?
What is Time
In which decade did Sign Language Interpreters begin to organize?
What is the 1960's with civil rights
Once you pass the Utah written exam it is valid for how many years?
What is 5 years
You interpret weekly AA meetings. One evening your team shows up looking haggard and under the weather. You inquire about her health and she responds by saying that she has a "really massive hangover" and starts laughing. You do not find this humorous but feel you may be overreacting. Which CPC tenet does this fall under? and what would you do?
What is 5.0 Respect for Colleagues