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This emperor banned marriage for young Roman men, thinking single men made better soldiers
Who is Claudius II?
This is the percentage of Americans that celebrate Valentine's Day.
What is 62%?
This is Jenn O’s retirement destination which, became a state in 1859.
Where is Oregon?
Names the three common ways Americans celebrate Valentine's day
What are sending greeting cards and flowers, giving candy or gifts, and enjoying romantic dinners?
In the movie 'The Princess Bride', Wesley often professed his love of Princess Buttercup through this conciliatory statement
What is "As you wish"?
This is the name of the raucous ancient Roman fertility festival held in mid-February
What is Lupercalia?
Christmas aside, more greeting cards are sent on Valentine’s Day than any other holiday. The volume tops this impressive number.
What is One Billion?
A labor union leader is born (1913). After rising through the ranks to become president of the teamsters in 1957 and serving time in prison, this man disappeared from a parking lot of a Detroit restaurant in 1975.
Who is Jimmy Hoffa?
These are the most popular Valentine gifts
What are candy and flowers?
James Joyce quipped “Love loves to love love”. Name the two parts of speech used to form this sentence.
What is a noun and a verb?
The first written Valentine greeting appeared in this century
What is the 15th?
More than 35 million of these are sold each year as Valentine's Day gifts.
What are heart-shaped boxes of chocolate?
More than half a century after Jenn O’s retirement destination became a state on 2/14. So did this one where now, some of the Learning Strategy team members live.
Where is Arizona?
This percentage of Americans splurge on jewelry each year
What is 20%?
“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies” was coined by this ancient Greek philosopher.
Who is Aristotle?
People in Great Britain had begun exchanging Valentine cards or letters during this century
What is the 17th?
The weeks leading up to February 14 are a great time to be a professional Gardener. They will produce this many roses in a typical year.
What is 220 million?
Wearing a triple strand of pearls and a red wool dress befitting Valentine’s Day in 1962, she led a virtual tour of the Whitehouse that aired on CBS and NBC, earning her an honorary Emmy Award.
Who is Jaqueline Kennedy?
Americans spend this astounding amount of money on jewelry as a gift for Valentine's Day.
What is $4 billion?
This Jewish author and Holocaust survivor who said “The opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference”.
Who is Elie Wiesel?
The first mass-produced holiday cards emerged in the U.S. during this decade
What is the 1840's?
Complete the following sentence: Altogether, Americans spend --- each year for an average of --- per person
What is $20 billion and $130?
In 1779, this accomplished British explorer was killed in retaliation for holding Hawaiian King Kalaniopuu hostage.
Who is Captain James Cook?
A recent survey revealed that as many as --- couples are likely to get engaged on February 14.
What is 6 million?
In the novel 'The Princess Bride', author William Goldman described love in many ways. Name the descriptor that completes this sentence: “Love is many things, none of them…”
What is "logical"?
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