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Our Family in 2020

This NBA star passed away along with his daughter in January

Who is Kobe Bryant?


This team won the NBA Finals in 2020, defeating the Miami Heat in 6 games

Who are the Los Angeles Lakers?


This artist won the Male Performer of the Year and the Album of the Year at the Country Music awards in 2020

Who is Luke Combs?


The United States nearly started WWIII with this country

What is North Korea?


Matthew graduated from this high school in 2020

What is San Mateo High?


Name the hottest video game of the year, in which many memes were sparked. It is sure to be among the favorite next year as well

What is Among Us?


This team was robbed of a Superbowl in 2020 after the referees missed an obvious holding call on Nick Bosa on a crucial 3rd down

Who are the San Francisco 49ers?


This app helped many songs shoot up the charts in 2020 including Roxanne, Say So and Savage

What is Tik Tok?


Donald Trump suggested injecting this into the body to cure the coronavirus in April

What is disinfectant (Lysol)?


In February, we went to London and watched these 4 teams play soccer. Name at least 2

Who are Tottenham, Arsenal, RB Leipzig, and Everton?


Name this senator who was memed after filming a video in which he says "I am once again asking for your" and then a funny response

Who is Bernie Sanders?


Name either the winner of 2019-20 Premier League of the 2019-20 Champions League. Answer both for bonus points

Who are Liverpool and Bayern Munich?


Name at least one performer at the 2020 Superbowl

Who are Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, or Demi Lovato?


This country nearly burned down after several fires early in 2020

What is Austrailia?


At Christmas Eve, Megan and I dressed up as Ninjas, causing Dad to repeatedly say this phrase

What is Cobra Kai?


Name the King of misogyny, often holding a book titled "Why Women deserve Less" or texting an ex about his feelings. This rapper's image was often posted in response to questionable tweets on Twitter

Who is Future?


This athlete was the first in professional sports to contract the coronavirus in the US

Who is Rudy Gobert?


Name at least one artist responsible for the creation of the hit song "WAP"

Who are Cardi B or Megan the Stallion?


The Chinese government continued to backtrack on peace and separation laws it set with this city, causing protests from millions

What is Hong Kong?

In January, we celebrated KK's "birthday" at which restaurant

What is the Cheesecake Factory?


Name the most-watched show on Netflix that saw its rise to fame occur during the Pandemic between two interesting characters

What is Tiger King?


This Argentinian legend passed away in November from a heart attack. 

Name his famous goal scored against England in the World Cup for bonus points

Who is Maradona?

What is the Hand of God goal?


Name 1 of the top 10 songs on Billboards Top 100 rap songs of 2020

Bonus points of 100 per correct answer after the original correct answer. Plus 500 bonus points if you get all 10

What are The Box, Rockstar, Life is Good, Wap, Savage, Roxanne, What's Poppin, Toosie Slide, Bop and Blueberry Faygo?

Name the royal couple who stepped back from their duties earlier this year

Who are Megan Markle and Prince Harry?


On May 19, people gathered to receive donuts for graduating. Name the donut place AND the number of donuts the Cabral household got

What are Krispy Kreme and 24?

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