Adsorption is used primarily to remove this type of contaminant from drinking water.
What are organic contaminants?
Packing ring and mechanical are types of this part of a pump.
What are seals?
A water plant treats 3.5 MGD and wants to treat the water with a dose of 3.2 mg/L of calcium hypochlorite. Find the feed rate in lbs/day.
What is 143.7 lbs/day
This chemical is a strong oxidant, it is often added near the intake to kill algae, zebra mussels, or oxidize DBP precursors. The drawback is possible pink water complaints if overfed.
What is potassium permanganate?
This type of hardness is also called temporary hardness because it can be removed by heating the water until the hardness causing compounds precipitate out.
What is carbonate hardness?
If there is a fire in the activated carbon storage area this type of extinguisher should be used.
What is a carbon dioxide or foam extinguisher?
This term describes the combined efficiency of a pump and motor and is determined by multiplying the pump efficiency by the motor efficiency.
What is wire to water efficiency?
Determine the dose in mg/L if a plant is treating 650,000 gpd with 21 gallons of 15% bleach.
What is 4.85 mg/L?
This invasive species can attach to intakes, clog intake screens and reduce flow capacity. When the animal dies off it can cause taste and odor problems.
What are zebra mussels?
Lime-softening occurs in this pH range.
What is 10-11?
This type of activated carbon works best for synthetic organic contaminant removal.
What is GAC (granular activated carbon)?
The purpose of a vaccum regulator is which of the following: (slow the flow of chlorine gas if a leak develops, releive excess gas pressure on the chlorinator, or regulate the feed rate)
What is slow the flow of chlorine gas if a leak develops?
Determine the number of lbs 65% HTH needed to disinfect a section of pipe 250 ft long and 12 inches in diameter with a dose of 50 mg/L.
What is 0.94 lbs HTH?
This organism can cause treatment problems such as slime accumulation, taste and odors, filter clogging, and may lead to the formation of DBPs.
What is algae?
This pocess can soften water using an exchange medium called a resin, which releases a non hardness causing ion such as sodium in favor of the hardness causing ions Ca and Mg.
What is ion exchange?
This type of activated carbon is most often used for taste and odor compounds and may be fed only when needed.
What is PAC (powdered activated carbon)?
The primary function of couplings is which of the following: (to compensate for alignment changes, to control motor temperature, or to lubricate the motor)
What is to compensate for alignment changes?
A water plant has run out of 65% HTH for disinfecting a storage tank. Determine the number of gallons of 15% bleach needed to replace the 75 lbs of HTH required for disinfection.
What is 39 gallons?
When this compound is added to a reservoir (or basins) it can prevent algae from growing by physically blocking out the light they need to grow.
What is powdered activated carbon?
One of the following chemicals that is used to soften water through chemical precipitation. (calcium hydroxide, calcium sulfate, calcium bicarbonate)
What is calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime or slaked lime)?
The best application point for powdered activated carbon.
What is the intake?
This type of valve is used to allow water to flow in only one direction, it prevents backflow.
What is a check valve?
A plant is switching from bleach to chlorine gas. Determine how many lbs of chlorine gas they will need to feed if they used to feed 43 gallons per day of 15% bleach.
What is 53.8 lbs?
The primary origin of total coliform bacteria in water supplies.
What is human and animal feces?
Softened water has a pH near 11. This process stabilizes softened water by adding carbon dioxide which drops the pH to 8.6.
What is recarbonation?