How do we measure Weather
How do weather patterns help us predict the weather
How can we observe weather patterns
What factors affect climate
To predict the weather, meteorologist make careful observations an monitor the weather conditions in an area. Which is a weather condition monitored by meteorologists? a) cloud type b) soil type c) air odor d) plant type
What is cloud type
The weight of the atmosphere on Earth's surface?
What is air pressure
Why is it helpful to observe the weather?
Travel, outdoor activities, what to wear, ect...
Places can be grouped into different climate zones. What are the 3 climate zones we have discussed?
What is temperate, tropical, and polar
Which air mass contains warm, moist air? a) air mas forming over land b) air mass forming over tropical waters c) air mass forming over polar waters d) air mass forming over North pole
What is air mass forming of tropical waters.
Nathan wants to measure the rate of air movement. Which weather variable should Nathan measure?
What is wind speed
Sara observed the sky one morning and saw it was filled with stratus clouds. What is the weather going to be like?
What is light rain all day
The average temperature in an area are as follows: -15, -20, o, -25. What climate zone would this area be in?
What is polar
Water is constantly returning to the Earth's surface. Where on EArath does most evaporation take place?
What is oceans
Breeze that blows from the sea to the land
What is a sea breeze
A weather report predicts that it will be a sunny and dry day. What type of weather will that day be? a) high humidity b)high air pressure c) low air pressure d) high precipitation
What is high air pressure
Places along the equator will most likely be in what climate zone?
What is tropical
A meteorologist uses this tool to measure wind speed
What is a anenometer
When rising air cools, and water vapor condenses, this is formed.
What is a cloud
Often form high in the atmosphere where temperatures are cold. Made up of crystals. Often a sign that weather is about to change
What is cirrus clouds
The following environments are all in a temperate zone. Which place would you expect ot be the most hot and humid? a) wooded forest b)desert c)swamp d)mountain range
What is the swamp
Most of the clouds in a photograph of a mountain scene are cirrus clouds. Where do cirrus clouds form?
What is a high elevation
Air particles rise an move farther apart is this type of pressure area
What is low pressure
Danny observes teh weather one afternoon. He concludes that thunderstorms are likely. Which observation best supports his conclusion? a) the temp is 23*c b) the winds are blowing from the east c)there is a light wind d)the clouds are mainly cumulonimbus
What is there is a light wind
Why do some balls of hail have layers? a) raindrops freeze from the inside out, forming one layer of ice at a time b) water that freezes high in the atmosphere always forms layers. c) each time a ball of hail goes up and down within a thundercloud, a layer of ice is added. d) cracks form layers in the ball of hail when the hail hits the ground
What is each time a ball of hail goes up and down within a thundercloud, a layer of ice is added.
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