Continental Drift
Plate Boundaries
Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
Topographical Maps


Who developed the Continental Drift Theory?

Who is Alfred Wegener?


What are the three plate boundaries, and what direction do the plates move?

What is Convergent (colliding), Divergent (dividing), and Transform (sliding) Boundaries?


What is the definition of weathering, erosion, and deposition?

What is the process of breaking down rocks or earth materials into sediment by chemical or physical means?

What is the process of moving sediment from one place to another?

What is the process of depositing sediment into one area. 


What is a topographical map?

What is a map that shows land features and elevation on a flat piece of paper


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Where does this person work?

Who is Spongebob Squarepants and The Krusty Krab?


Which two continents did Wegener use as evidence for continental fit?

 What is South America and Africa?


Why does an Oceanic Plate sink below a Continental Plate, and what is the area called where it sinks below?

What is the Oceanic Plate is more dense and subduction zone?


What are the two types of weathering? Give three types of each.

What is physical/mechanical( abrasion, ice wedging, plant roots, temperature change, gravity, and burrowing) and chemical (hydrolysis, oxidation, and carbonation)?


How do you determine the steepness of a hill/mountain?

What is how close the contour lines are together?


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What is The Walking Dead?


What seven continents make up the large supercontinent Wegener proposed in his theory? What was the name of this large land mass?

What is North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica?

What is Pangaea?


What are the two types of tectonic plates?

What is Continental and Oceanic Plates?


Name three types of chemical weathering and explain each.

What is oxidation (rust), hydrolysis(dissolves rock), and carbonation (acid rain)?


What is a contour line?

What is a line joining points of equal elevation on a surface.


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Who is Jason Aldean?


What did Harry Hess discover? How did it contribute to Wegener's Theory?

 What is seafloor spreading and it gave evidence that there were tectonic plates. 


What two landforms are made at a divergent boundary, and is new or old crust formed? Name whether the plates are cont./cont. or oceanic/oceanic.

What is Mid Ocean Ridge (oceanic/oceanic) and Rift Valley (cont./cont.)?

What is New Crust?


What type of weathering is ice wedging, and explain the process?

What is physical weathering by freezing and thawing (contracting and expansion).


What is a contour interval and how do you calculate it?

What is the distance or difference in elevation between contour lines.

How to determine the contour interval:

1.Find two consecutive index contours 

2.Subtract them

3.Divide by 5.


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What were four pieces of evidence Wegener had to support his theory?

What is fossil evidence, mountain ranges, rock strata, continental fit, and glacial?


What landforms can be made at convergent boundaries? Name whether it is cont./cont., cont./oceanic, or oceanic/oceanic.

What are mountains (cont./cont.), trenches and volcanoes(cont./oceanic),and trenches and volcanic islands(oceanic/oceanic)?


Give one example of erosion and deposition explain the process.

What is Wind/Water/Gravity/Ice and sandbar/delta/dune/etc... Explain process


On a topographic map, what do you look for to find a mountain/hill, river valley/river, and a depression?

What is a series of irregularly shaped, successively smaller concentric circles or ovals for a hill/mountain.

What is V-shaped contour lines indicate a river valley, and the V always points upstream or toward the source or the river.

What is a depression (sunken area) is indicated with a circle with small lines called hachure marks.


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