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We use this process to determine if existing customers are eligible for new promotions

What is L.I.P.P?


Which option is not a targeted behavior used in our Quality program?

A) Lead with Quad Play

B) Cheerful Tone

C) Mutual Silence

D) Addressing Hesitations

What is cheerful tone, C.

This speed is not offered by spectrum

A) 940 Mbps x 35 Mbps

B) 30 Mbps x 4 Mbps

C) 500 Mbps x 15 Mbps

D) 100 Mbps x 10 Mbps

What is C.


The followings included in Spectrum TV Gold but not Spectrum TV Silver (Select the two best answers)

A) Digi Tier 1

B) Digi Tier 2

C) Starz and TMC

D) HBO and Showtime

What is B and C.


This individual is the SVP of Sales & Retention

Who is Christian Ruiz?


These metrics are measured by Spectrum (Select the best two)

A) PSU Yield

B) Ancillary Sales

C) Bundle Rate

D) Number of calls made

What is A and C?


Two of the follow are benefits of the Voice Online Manager in My Account (Select the best TWO answers)

A) Listen to voicemail messages while away from home

B) Manage your Spectrum Voice features and change your settings while on the go

C) Watch live TV

D) Forward calls from your mobile phone to your Home Phone

What is A and B?


True or False. The serviceability desk must speak to the customer to get address information. 

What is False?


The following is not a filter option that you can use in CoPilot

A) Legacy Service Info

B) Region

C) Voice

D) Communications

What is A?


Customer Verification must be run on all installs/new connects. We require you ask for the following information first.

A) Customer’s date of birth

B) Customer’s valid social security number

C) If customer refuses to give social security number, a valid driver’s license can be used instead

D) State I.D. card, Customer’s last name, Primary phone number, Email address

What is B?


If a customer wishes to order fewer phones/lines of service than the Internal Liability Check (ILC) has qualified them for:

A) Tell the customer they have to purchase the maximum devices they are approved for

B) Congratulate them on their good credit

C) There is no need to communicate anything to him/her regarding a credit check

D) Both A and B above

What is C?


TRUE or FALSE: Customers are not charged for adding additional outlets during the initial install but are charged for a truck roll if they call back to get more outlets installed.

What is True?

Which item is NOT covered in the verbal acceptance script?

A) Explanation of why they need to go through TPV

B) Recap of services added or removed from the account

C) Explanation of new monthly rate

D) Installation or activation fee rates

What is A?


A customer will not receive a discount on their DVR service if they go with an internet package that is lower than this spectrum offer.

What is spectrum internet plus?

Which statement is an example of something you can say to help reduce mutual silence periods?

A) "It just takes a little bit for the system to check serviceability, please feel free to ask questions while we wait"

B) "Please hold"

C) "I will be right back"

D) "I am going to put you on hold while I enter this order into our system"

A) "It just takes a little bit for the system to check serviceability, please feel free to ask questions while we wait"


This following statement is not true about Spectrum Internet Gig?

A) Guaranteed speeds of 1GB per second with free home WiFi service.

B) Includes free access to over 500,000 hotspots nationwide?

C) Speeds of up to 940 MB per second with free home WiFi service

D) Not eligible for Self-Install orders

What is A?

This Spectrum TV package cannot have video equipment added with the exception of an Apple TV.

What is Spectrum TV Essentials?


This person is the GVP that oversees Residential Inbound Sales

Who is Tony Guevara?


What is Charter's mission statement?

What is to integrate the highest quality service with clearly superior entertainment and communications products at a great value that consistently exceed the expectations of our growing customer base.


These following are benefits of Spectrum Internet (Select the best TWO answers)

A) International calling at no additional cost

B) Internet plans do not include a data cap

C) Peace of mind restricting the content children have access to on the Internet

D) Watch movies anytime on my DVR

What is B and C?


TRUE or FALSE: If you have to reach out to Serviceability to create an address and they indicate that a survey is required, you must schedule the installation out 9 business days to accommodate the survey.



The following demonstrates the usage of an assumptive close

A) "Would you like to get this triple play?"

B) "How many cable boxes would you need?"

C) "What do you say? Can we sign you up for these services?"

D) "I can set you up with these services on Wednesday morning, should I schedule that appointment or do you need another time?"

What is D?


TRUE or FALSE: If the customer is reconnecting service within 30 days does NICE verification need to be run?

What is False?

In my role as a sales representative I sell Spectrum Mobile to the following

A) New Spectrum Customers

B) Existing Spectrum customers who request to add new lines of business

C) Customers who contact me

D) All of the above

What is D?


A customer with legacy Preferred TV is interested in migrating to Spectrum TV. Their must have channels are Nick Jr. and the American Heroes Channel. What level of Spectrum TV service would they need to subscribe to in order to keep their favorite channels

What is Spectrum TV Gold?


When can a customer expect to receive their shipped Self-install kit?

A) Same day

B) Within 2 business days

C) Within 5 business days

D) Within 3-4 business days

What is B?

Customers who fall under L.I.P.P will get a promotion following this formula (Cliff sent this out in skype)

What is (Single Play TV Promo) + (Bundled HSI Promo)?


This is a behavior monitored in BQ that measures how long nothing has been said by either the agent or customer.

What is mutual silence?


There is a 5 dollar fee associated with adding this service onto your internet services, with the exception of internet gig.

What is Spectrum WiFi?


True or False, in order to have Digi Tier 2 you must have Digi Tier 1.



This call reason would not be considered a sales call

A) Changing internet speeds

B) Moving within footprint

C) Requesting support for a newly added TV

D) Adding a channel

What is C?


Which of the four options is NOT one of the Charter's Values

A) Be an expert in your field

B) Work with integrity and promote teamwork

C) Earn the respect of your co-workers and the trust of our customers

D) Pursue the sale of the triple play with every customer interaction

What is D


These are some of the features of Spectrums DVR Manager (Select the best TWO answers).

A) Manage any DVR in your home

B) Access to many channels

C) Edit scheduled recordings

D) Availability of HD channels

What is A and C?


Customer verification is a process required on all new orders to determine the following;

A) It is used to identify the mobile service the customer needs

B) It is used to confirm the change being made

C) It is used to capture customer contact information

D) It is used to determine if a pre-pay is required.

What is D?


This sales technique should be implemented when making your sales pitch

A) Selecting an offer and presenting it to every customer in the same way

B) Sticking to price based conversations

C) Selecting an offer and tailoring your statements to the customer's wants and needs

D) Asking for the customer's name

What is C?


agents are required to do this if verification generates a past due message when the customer is identified as having prior debt (Select the TWO best answers)?

A) Customers are required to pay all past due money prior to scheduling installation.

B) Prepayment of the first month’s service is NOT required to be paid prior to scheduling the work order, if the customer is disputing the balance due

C) If a customer refuses to pay the debt or return unreturned equipment, the work order cannot be processed and must be cancelled.

D) If a customer disputes the debt or unreturned equipment fee, the agent may waive the past due amount, schedule the work order out five days, and a dispute specialist will contact the customer to resolve the dispute

What is A and C?

Spectrum Mobile offers these two data plans.

What is BTG and Unlimited? (We also have unlimited plus, not on test)


Meet Phillip, a telecommuter who works from home. Phillip needs a fast, reliable Internet connection that will enable him to sign in to his office servers remotely. In his spare time, Phillip and his children love playing online games and catching up on their favorite movies and shows with Hulu and Netflix. Which Internet tier would you recommend to Phillip in order to meet his needs?

What is Spectrum Internet Ultra and WiFi?


What is included in the Self-Install Internet kit for Spectrum Internet with Spectrum Wi-Fi?

A) Self-Install installation guide, Extension cord, Return shipping label

B) Return shipping label, Self-Install installation guide, Splitter

C) Remote control, Return shipping label, Self-installation guide

D) Splitter, Extension cord, Return shipping label

What is B?


These internet speeds do not receive an additional discount in bundled packages.

What is Spectrum Internet Assist and Spectrum Internet 50?


What condition of employment behavior is monitored by our behavioral quality tool?

What is leading with a quad play?


Spectrum Internet assist is 17.99 unless you setup service in these two states.

What is New York and New Jersey?


Spectrum customers have these options to choose from when it comes to selecting equipment for their video service.

What are HD Receivers, DVRs, Apple TVs, Cable Cards and no box.


This region title is not the name of a Charter region

A) Great Lakes Region

B) Florida Region

C) Pacific Southwest Region

D) South Region

What is C?


An average rep handles this many calls a year

A) 12,400 calls

B) 900 calls

C) 100,000 calls

D) 7,200 calls

What is D?

The following is true about Spectrum International calling and texting.

A) Rates for calling, data and texting vary per country

B) International roaming calls are pay as you go

C) We offer unlimited international texting to 200 countries outside the US

D) All of the Above

What is D?


TRUE or FALSE: If a customer is listed as an Authorized User (AU) on a disconnected account with a past due balance, he or she does not need to pay the balance on that account in order to start services in his or her own name.

What is True?


The following is not included in the Residential Inbound Sales Call Flow

A) Discovery

B) Overcoming Hesitations

C) Reference

D) Asking for the Sale

What is C?


The following is correct about taking payments

A) Call Center representatives are not able to process payments from a checking account

B) The caller must be an authorized user or the account holder to make a payment over the phone

C) Agents must collect the full amount due if a pre-payment is required after completing Customer Verification

D) You are allowed to save customer credit card information in a personal file to make payments for the customer in the future

What is C?


Which locations can be considered a Bulk or Spectrum Community Solutions (SCS) account

A) A single residence home where a son pays for his parent's cable service

B) An apartment building where the landlord provides Internet service

C) A nursing home where the residence get access to Basic and Expanded programming

D) A strip mall where customers can access free WiFi on their mobile devices

What is B and C?


John, a busy professional by day and a horror-movie buff by night, is considering switching his Legacy TV service to Spectrum. He has 3 TVs in his home and wants to be able to record programs on all TVs. Favorite Show: "Black Monday" on Showtime Favorite Premium Services: HBO and Showtime Based on your conversation with John, what Spectrum TV offer provides the most value and meets his needs?

What is Spectrum TV Silver at standard rates?


It is important to share the value of Spectrum's Self-Install option. What are some benefits you will want to highlight (Select the THREE best answers)?

A) Save time by not having to wait for a technician to arrive

B) Convenience of being able to connect services when you want

C) Choose between 2-day and Next-Day shipping options

D) No need to leave your house, in most areas an Self-Install kit can be mailed

What is A, B and D?
This is the pricing difference between Internet plus in a standalone promotion versus a bundled promotion.

How much is $5?


Our behavioral quality tool pinpoints what is being done on the call utilizing this process

What is speech analytics?


How much additional is Spectrum Gig from Spectrum Plus?

How much is $60?

These packages are eligible for Gold and Silver upgrades.

What is Spectrum Lifestyle, Spectrum Select and Spectrum Mi Plan Latino?


MRR is the acronym used when referring to this

What is Monthly Recurring Revenue?


These are the 3 common types of customer a sales rep will encounter

A) Potential new customer who wants to learn about Charter offers

B) An existing customer who wants to change his/her service

C) An existing customer unhappy with their services looking to disconnect

D) An existing customer who has a question or problem

What is A, B and D?

When creating SRO's for serviceability, this piece of information is not needed to setup.

A) Nearest cross-street

B) Color and description of the house

C) How long they have lived at the residence

D) If the customer is requesting a duplicate address (upper/lower or A/B), verify it has its own power meter.

What is C?


You go here in Copilot to see a list of articles that have been recently updated.

A) Residential Home

B) Subscriptions

C) Recently viewed

D) Your dashboard

What is A?


You do this at the end of the discovery phase of your call

A) Create linking statements to features and benefits and pitch the sale

B) Overcome objections you heard

C) Correct the customer's assumptions about our services

D) Ask questions about the customer's house hold needs

What is A?


When processing a mobile order, an External Credit Check is used when ....

A) The internal liability check (ILC) has already shown the customer is qualified for the number of lines s/he wants.

B) The caller is a new customer (less than 12 consecutive months of Spectrum services)

C) The agent simply wants to verify the ILC

D) The customer wants to order less than their ILC has allowed

What is B?


Residential Internet customers can get Static IP Addresses, True of False?

What is False?


Which transactions require you to get a verbal acceptance from the customer?

A) New customer starting services with us

B) A customer moving from one location to another

C) A customer removing a movie channel

D) All of these scenarios require verbal acceptance from the customer

What is D?


This brand of Mayonnaise is the best brand of Mayonnaise. 

What is Dukes Mayonnaise?

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