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Recently pregnant and dating superstar Kanye West, she is also famous for still be married to basketball player Chris Humphries.
Who is Kim Kardashian
This country's most prized wedding custom now makes it the worlds #1 consumer of gold.
What is India?
A manager at Ford Motor Company, she enjoys cooking, cleaning, and home improvements.
Who is "the mother of the bride," or "Wajiha Chahine."
Monica married her best friend Chandler on this popular 90's sitcom.
What is "friends."
Male nurse Greg Focker meets his girlfriend's parents before proposing but her suspicious father is every dates worst nightmare.
What is Meet the Parents?
This commoner turned royal when she married her prince charming while sporting her mother-in-law's ring.
Who is Kate Middleton
In this country it is good luck for the bride to wear red as it is a strong color that drives away evil spirits.
Where is China?
Father of two and a police officer he also competes as an ultimate fighter.
Who is "Ali Reda" or the grooms twin brother.
In 1981, Luke and Laura married in a garden ceremony on this show and made it the most watched fictional wedding in history.
What is General Hospital?
In this culturally infused classic, the father of the bride treats all ailments with windex.
What is My Big Fat Greek Wedding?
Daughter of a king, she made music history in 1994 when she wed the king of pop Michael Jackson.
Who is Pricilla Presely
In this religion, after the bride is given the ring, the groom breaks a glass crushing it with his right foot as guests shout out "congratulations."
What is the Jewish religion?
Co- owner of successful custom jewelry stores, she has been known to win a round of tennis or two.
Who is "Jawaher Safa" or the grooms sister.
In this popular sitcom starring famous twins playing one character, Uncle Jessie and Rebecca Donaldson marry in the family home.
What is "Full House."
In this reunion of the movie "Pretty Woman's," leading roles, a reporter is assigned to write a story about a woman who has left a string of fiances at the alter.
What is Runaway Bride?
She "cruised" down the aisle in 2006 at a ceremony in an Italian castle.
Who is Katie Holmes?
Royal weddings in this country do bridesmaids with a twist having attendants as young as 3 years old in their most recent wedding.
Where is the United Kindom?
A fighter for children's rights since the 1980's, she is now the Managing Director of the Casey Foundation and once held the position of deputy commissioner of the city of New York.
Who is "Zeinab Chahine" or "the brides aunt?"
In this 1980's sitcom Cliff, Clair, and their children plan a celebration for Cliff's parents 50th wedding anniversary.
What is The Cosby Show?
In this movie a woman's long time friend says he's engaged. She then realizes she loves him herself and sets out to get him herself.
What is My best friend's wedding?
This med student wed facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg at their home in Palo Alto California for what guests thought was her graduation party.
Who is Pricilla Chan?
In this South American country charms with ribbons are ticked into a cake. The woman each pull out a ribbon and the girl with the ring at the of ribbon is the next in line to get married.
Where is Peru?
This lady now in her 70's started her career as a successful business woman selling products on 14th street in New York. She also makes a pretty good qusa mihshi.
Who is "tata" "im Huessien" Hajji Fatima "Fatima Chahine"
Marshall and Lilly got engaged on the first episode of this sitcom that first aired in 2005.
What is "How I Met Your Mother?"
In this 1991 remake of a Spencer Tracy classic, starring "Steve Martin," George and Nina Banks are the parents of the soon to be wed Annie.
What is Father of the Bride?
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