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Vocabulary 2
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The point of a text or what it is mostly about. Every text has a central idea that the author is trying to demonstrate

What is.. Central idea?


Bobby, a character in a narrative you are reading, is a character who undergoes some important change in the course of the story

What type of character is he?

What is a dynamic character?


A type of evidence where two (or more) things are compared to prove a point.

What is.. an analogy?

Things to look for when peer reviewing (at least 3)

What is capitalization, punctuation, spelling errors, run-on sentences, evidence to support claims


The country Rafael Trujillo is from

What is the Dominican Republic?


A type of evidence where a personal story is used to prove a point.

What is anecdotal evidence?


What type of essay?

An essay describing the issue of a town that has too much trash and how the town government could pay its residents a small amount for every can they recycle

What is a problem/solution essay?


The four types of characters authors develop in stories (HINT: D, F, R, S)

What is Dynamic, Flat, Round, and Static characters?


After the thunder boomed, Tyler's dog hid under the bed and began shaking like a leaf. Tyler reckoned that his dog was scared. What did Tyler just make?

What is an inference?

The state where Mr. Fitzpatrick is from

What is Virginia?


A tool students can use to analyze characters and the methods an author uses to develop the character. (HINT: acronym with 5 parts, name them all)

What is.. the STEAL method (Speech, Thoughts, Effects on Others, Actions, and Looks)


A teenager tries to convince his parents to buy him a new car by saying if they cared about their child's safety they'd upgrade him. (HINT: ethos, logos, or pathos?)

What is pathos?


A form of argumentative essay that details the effect relationships between two subjects

What are cause and effect essays?


The meaning of miscellaneous in the following sentence

The junk yard was full of chairs, trunks, ornaments, and other miscellaneous objects.

What is various items, random things, mixed, diverse, etc.

The two parts of a theme

1.What is the central word/idea 

2. What is the message/point ABOUT the central word/idea that the author implies through the story


What type of evidence is being used?

An author writing about climate change cites a study done last year that says the icebergs are melting at a very fast rate 

 What is textual evidence?


1. When an author cites another text to prove a point

2. When an author uses reason or logic to prove a point. 

1. What is textual evidence?

2. What is logical evidence?


Lucy, a character in a narrative you are reading, keeps the same attitude, personality, and perspective throughout the entire story.

What type of character is Lucy?

What is a static character?

The four types of text structures we've learned about (HINT: think about the different ways essays are organized)

What is compare & contrast, cause & effect, chronological, and problem/solution


Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get (what is this an example of?)

What is an analogy?


1. A persuasive appeal to the audience's logic and rationality

2. An appeal to emotion 

3. Appeal to ethics/credibility ("Doctors say...")

1. What is logos?

2. What is pathos?

3. What is ethos?


The type of evidence used in the following scenario.

All students in the class play the tuba. Randy is in the class. Therefore, Randy plays the tuba.

What is logical evidence?

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