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Helped to found the first philanthropic asylum in the US. 

Who Is.... William Tuke and Phillippe Pinel


The Reagan and Bush years are categorized by what?

Decreasing mental health funding and greater state responsibilities


The American Health Security Act was introduced to congress under what administration?

Who is...President Clinton.

Describe the National Mental Health Act

The NMHA supported mental health treatment, prevention, and behavior. It gave federal funding for training programs to help treat and prevent mental health. 


HMOs reimburse based on what? 

What is...the number of patients served rather than specific services provided.


During his presidency, President Bush created a commission of 22 members with what task?

Commission was compromised of psychiatrists from the American Psychiatric Association to comprehensively review the mental health system.


The National Mental Health Act helped to found what organization

What Is... The National Institute of Mental Health


Describe the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1981

Devolved mental health back to individual state control. This both reduced financial support and putting the responsibility of how to fund mental health services to individual states. 


What was the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAE) main intention?

Enforce that insurers could no longer impose restrictions on financial requirements of mental health care that differ from any others placed on regular health matters. 


What was the community support system created to support?

Created to help those with chronic mental illness following discharge from care facilities.


Identify at least one concern regarding HMOs

Ability to address mental health effectively, especially for those identified with severe and persistent mental illness.


What was the change initiated in 2010 to the Affordable Care Act?

The ACA now features 'mental health parity'. The way that the two bills interact appears to be a way to close the loophole left by the failure of the MHPAE to have the authority to enforce mental health coverage. 


The repeal of this Act caused a limit in service provision. 

What is...The Mental Health Systems Act


Describe the idea of 'Managed Care'

Responsibility of a third party to pay, as well as to monitor quality and cost, for services.


What two areas does Chapter 4 teach us have a large impact on mental health policy reform?

Political landscape and government. 

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