Problem Solving
Health & Safety

Each member of your team must share one of their positive traits.

Silly, caring, generous, honest, trusting, optimistic, creative, loyal, confident, adventurous, leader, team player, responsible, determined, intelligent, flexible, etc.


Each member of your team must provide one form of nonverbal communication.

Pictures, signs, symbols, writing, sign language, body language, etc.

What does the work expectation mean?

Something that someone hopes or expects of you.


Tomorrow is my first day of work. What can I do to make sure I arrive to work early?

Pack lunch the night before, pick out clothes the night before, set alarm, make sure my ride is early, etc.


Why is it important to have good personal hygiene?

To be professional. To keep your body healthy. 


Define value(s).

Things that are important or special to me. OR The amount of money an item costs.

Provide an example of appropriate workplace communication.

Hi, how was your weekend? How are you doing today? 


Each member of your team must share one common workplace expectation.

Be on time, be polite, be helpful, be friendly, do your work, be a team player, be dependable, be responsible, ask for help, etc.


I am working at Kroger stocking eggs. I drop a carton of eggs and they break all over the floor. What should I do?

Ask for help, put out a caution sign, warn customers of the mess, mop up the mess, tell coworker, tell manager. 


Each member of your team must come up with one example of personal hygiene. 

Shower, wash hands, brush hair, brush teeth, wear clean clothes, wash face, wear deodorant, trim beard, use a tissue, cough into elbow, etc. 


Each team member must name one thing they value.

Family, religion, sports, art, music, peace, education, animals, the outdoors, community, balance, friendships, kindness, leadership, love, respect, wealth, etc.


Provide an example of inappropriate workplace communication.

Using slang, talking about personal issues, being disrespectful.


Why are workplace expectations important?

Expectations help employees understand the company's goals and help employees work better together.


It is my first day of work at an animal shelter. I was told to walk all of the dogs. As I approach a cage, I notice a dog is growling at me and I am scared. What should I do?

Leave the dog in the crate until a coworker or manager can help, ask a coworker nearby for help, read the dog's chart.


What are some health and safety procedures to follow when working in a restaurant?

Wash hands, tie hair back, wear non-slip shoes, wear an apron, wear long pants, follow directions, use oven mitts, let others know when you are handling hot or sharp objects, etc.

How do you learn best?

Watching, doing, listening, etc. 


What do you do if you disagree with a coworker?

Politely share your viewpoint and listen to the other person. Continue to do your work. Talk to a supervisor about it if it is affecting the way you do your work.


Come up with an appropriate outfit to wear to work on a construction site.

Jeans, steel-toed boots, hard hat, neon vest, sunglasses, sunglasses.


My job is a dishwasher, but I don't feel like washing dishes today, so I'm going to scrub the floor instead. What should I do?

Wash the dishes first because that is my job title. Scrub the floor if I have time after washing dishes.

Who is responsible for health and safety at work?

You, coworkers, managers, boss.


What does it mean to model a job task for someone?

To demonstrate or show them how to do it.

I am working at Target and I notice one of my friends is shopping there. Can I talk to them?

While working in a retail store, it is appropriate to greet a friend but you must continue to do your job.

How do I know what is expected of me during my work shift? What do I do? Who should I ask?

Look at task list, ask coworker, ask manager, etc. 


Nobody likes me on the job, so I'm going to quit. Is there anything else I should try before I quit?

Ignore the rude coworkers, continue to be polite to the coworkers, focus on my job.


I woke up with a headache. I have to go to work in two hours. What should I do? I don't want to skip my shift because I need the money for vacation.

Take medicine, drink water, take a nap, use an ice pack, etc.