Welland International Flatwater Centre
WRCC General
PenFinancial Credit Union Community Flatwater Centre
This is the location of IlluminAqua
What is Merritt Park Amphitheatre
July 10th, 2013 celebrated the 2 year mark from this event.
What is the 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Canoe Kayak Sprint
True or False: There is a scuba park located in the Welland Canal.
What is true. Located at the Lincoln Street docks, the Scuba Park is a great way to enjoy the waterway from underneath. The park has a submerged boat as well as an underwater training area for adventure enthusiasts!
Canoe Niagara 2013 hosted how many countries
What is 63 countries and approximately 750 athletes competed.
What is the newest addition to the Rental Centre? (1) Stand-Up Paddle Boards (2)Tatem Kayaks (3) Pedal Boats
What are Stand-Up Paddle Boards.
In 2013, who did IlluminAqua partner up with for their Jazz Festival?
The Jazz Festival (June 14th - 15th) partnered up with the Welland Hospital Foundation to help raise money to purchase a new digital mammography machine.
Canoe Polo combines these three sports.
What is canoe, water polo, and basketball. Come check out the Canoe Polo National Championships event held at WIFC July 5th-8th. This will be the first national event held at the new venue.
This is the number of individuals who sit on the WRCC Board of Directors.
What is nine (9).
True of False: The WIFC was the first TO2015 venue to be completed.
What is true. Racing will take place for TO2015 from July 11-14, 2015.
Apart from the Rental Center, name one of the organizations that calls this location its home.
What is South Niagara Canoe Club, the Notre Dame Rowing Club, or Welland Otters Swim Club.
This is the artist who sold out at IlluminAqua in 2012.
Who is Jim Cuddy.
This is the number of racing line at the venue
What is 6 lanes for rowing and 9 for Canoe Kayak
True or False: The city's water source for drinking is the canal
What is true.
This is the digits involved in the number of athletes that will compete in the 2015 World Dragon Boat Championships at the WIFC.
What is 4. The 2015 World Dragon Boat Championships will involve approximately 2000 - 3000 athletes.
This is the number of zeros associated with PenFinancial's partnership with the PenFinancial Credit Union Community Flatwater Centre.
What is 4 zeros. PenFinancial Credit Union Community Flatwater Centre graciously invested 50, 000 dollars over the next five years specifically for Community Program Support for those groups currently operating out of the Flatwater Community Centre.
This is the country where the majority of our performers are from.
What is Canada. Almost all performers at IlluminAqua are Canadian.
This is one of the features that makes this Flatwater Centre an international gem
What is - 3 start systems - Poralu docks - Over two hundred trees have been planted - Finishing system – high-speed cameras (3)to capture the photo finish - 3 start towers - Media broadcast room - change rooms equipped with showers and washrooms - LEED rating of Silver - Wireless connectivity - 2 separate buildings - Finish Lynx Timing System with Split Timing Capability-athletes can see how fast they are down to the second at 3 different markers throughout the race. - Course lined with 187 buoys - Venue has three different access points and parking for over 1,000 - PA systems - 750 bleachers - Long term medical located in the athlete centre - Over 570 people seating - Weather station to indicate current weather conditions, such as wind speeds, solar radiation, UV Rays elevators located in both buildings.
Name five different activities that are encouraged on Welland's Recreational Waterway.
What is rowing, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, dragon boating, open water swimming, fishing, triathlon, running, rollerblading, biking, dog walking, canoe polo ect
The TORONTO 2015 created The 41 Pianos project with the slogan 'Play Me, I’m Yours' by Luke Jerram. The number 41 was selected to represent the number of Pan American countries. This is the location of the Piano located in Welland.
What is the entrance of City Hall.
This is how Community Centre was built.
What is by the hands of the community and donations from community members; volunteering, pooling resources ect
This is the year that IlluminAqua began officially.
What is the summer of 2007
This is one of the National events that will be held at the venue in the summer of 2013.
What is 2013 Canadian Masters Rowing Championships August 23-25th and 2013 Canoe Polo Nationals July 3rd-5th.
This is the amount of kilometres of trails
What is 24 km
This was the first international event held on Welland's Waterway.
What is 2012 FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships that were held on August 16-19, 2012.
This is the year the building finished construction.
What is 2010
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