Fred lay under the house and skillfully wrapped the electrical wires with masking tape.

Fred is an electrician.


Kelly reached into her pocket for the keys. She clicked the button, opened the back door and then placed her packages on the back seat.

Kelly was getting ready to drive her car.

Sam looked through the window at the city far below. The light came on informing all those on board to fasten their seat belts. They were about to land.

Sam was on an airplane.


The sun's light began to filter into the kitchen just as Peter began to sip his first coffee of the day.

It is morning.


The hall had filled with people. All of Rachel's friends, classmates, and family were seated before her, expectant. She was introduced by one of the debates judges. Rachel's heart pounded and her mouth was terribly dry. She started to speak.

Rachel is nervous.


Sean blew his whistle and held his hand up to stop the oncoming cars, so the children could cross the street.

Sean is a crossing guard.


Katie placed the saddle on old Toby's back. She secured the straps and then placed her left food into the stirrup.

Katie is going horseback riding.


Diane sat in the chair and asked for a trim. The assistant draped a large apron around her to protect her clothes from any future hair cuttings.

Diane was at the hair salon.

Dad positioned the tree in the corner of the lounge room. We then draped tinsel and decorations on the tree.

It is Christmas time.


The teacher crossed her arms and loudly asked the students to get back to their seats.

The teacher is feeling angry.


Milani banged her gavel on the desk after she announced the criminal had been found guilty.

Milani is a judge.


Tom heard a muffled ringing sound. He took the device out of his pocket, flipped it open and said, "Hello?"

Tom is answering his flip phone.


Paul took off his cover up and retied his board shorts string. He ran over to the sand and joyfully threw himself into the waves.

Paul was at the beach.


Kathy scraped ice off her windshield. She blew on her mittened fingers to help warm them.

It is winter.


The little boy hid behind his Mom for 10 minutes before finally going into the classroom.

The little boy is feeling shy.


Stephanie used the suction tool to keep the tooth dry so she could fill the cavity.

Stephanie is a dentist.


The boy opened the lid at school; he then unwrapped the contents of the box, which his mother had prepared that morning, and took a big bite.

The boy is eating his lunch.


Barry handed the usher his ticket. He walked into the room and sat before a large screen and waited for the show to start.

Barry was at the theater.

I got to the post office just in time. it was about to close for the day.

It is 5 o'clock, evening.


Jacob stared at the new video game his sister got for her birthday and pouted.

Jacob is jealous.


Brandy took off her hat and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She felt relieved she was able to finish the meatball recipe in time for the dinner rush.

Brandy is a chef.


The cat crept quietly. All its attention was focused on the tiny, cheese-stealing creature in front of it.

The cat was stalking the mouse.


Karen attached the skis to her feet. She stood with the two poles in her hand and readied to launch herself onto the inviting white terrain.

Karen is on the ski slopes.


I put on my school uniform, brushed my teeth, and ran down to catch the school bus.

Before school, morning.


After Tristan picked up all of his papers and books in the hallway, he tried to hide from the crowd of 8th graders who were laughing at him.

Tristan is embarrassed.