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Being Frustrated
That Annoying Person


You are taking a test and someone keeps tapping their pencil making it hard for you to focus. What should you do? Why?

Tell the teacher. If you were to talk to the student, the teacher may think you were cheating. It is best to go to an adult.


Your mom has the TV on really loud in the living room, and it is making it hard for you to concentrate on your HW in the next room over.

Kindly ask mom to lower the tv OR move to another room where you may not hear the sound


Every time you hang out with your friends, they want to play Minecraft, but you are getting sick of doing that.

Pose a compromise to your friends to play Minecraft for a bit, and then switch to another activity.


You are bored in class because your teacher is reteaching the same lesson from yesterday and you understood it the first time. What should you do?

Explain to your teacher that you understand the lesson, and offer to help other classmates who are still confused.


Someone cuts you in the lunch line.

Calmly tap them and let them know you were there first. No need to explode, it may have been a mistake. If you calmly tell them "hey, I was in front of you" and they don't move, you can either ignore it, or go get an adult.


Your dog keeps barking at the dinner table because it wants your food. What should you NOT do?

Start yelling and screaming at the dog and the rest of your family


Your mom seems to never let you pick what you want to eat for dinner. What could you do?

Calmly ask your mom what she would think if you picked out a meal for the family once a week that she could make. 


You are working with a partner on an experiment in lab class, but your partner is dominating the whole experiment. What should you do?

Politely ask if you can do the next step/have a turn, and suggest you alternate turns for the rest of the experiment.


You hear your siblings arguing no matter where you are in your house, and you can't seem to escape it. What can you do?

Go for a walk outside, put in ear buds, make the volume louder on the TV


You asked your teacher if you could go to the bathroom, but she told you to wait five minutes, which is super annoying because you really have to go! What should you do?

Calmly explain it is urgent and you need to go now, and cannot wait five minutes.


Your teacher promised you that you could be the first person to share your project with the class when presenting the day before presentations. It is now the day of presentations, and your teacher calls up a different student to present first

Calmly raise your hand/walk over to the teacher and remind her what she told you the day before.