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The worst blizzard to hit the United States created mountains of snow over 50 feet high and killed 400 people in all. This blizzard, known as the "Great White Hurricane," happened during this year: a) 1867 b) 1922 c) 1888
What is 1888?
"Luge" is the French word for this.
What is sled?
Snowflakes almost always have this many sides.
What is six?
Both the Jewish celebration Hanukkah and the Hindu celebration Diwali are both also known as ___ ________ ___ ____________.
What is The Fesitival of Lights?
This type of tern migrates over 20,000 miles each year from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back.
What is the Arctic Tern?
During this famous blizzard, a brave teacher tied a rope around her 17 students and led them to the saftey of her home, but many other children were stranded and died in their one-room schoolhouses. Due to this tragedy the blizzard became known as the _______________ Blizzard.
What is "Schoolhouse?"

The bobsleigh or bobsled was invented by these people: a) The Swiss b) The Germans c) The Finns

Who are the Swiss?

Snowflakes that fall on Prince Edward Island in Canada are often pink due to a large amount of this substance in the soil there.
What is red clay?
The Twelve Days of Christmas begin on ______________.
What is December 25?
This type of animal forms a "winter cluster," the center of which is kept at a toasty 80 degrees farenheit by the shivering of the surrounding workers.
What is a honeybee?
The worst feature of the Great Blizzard of 1899 was not snow accumulation, but record low tempertaures. In fact, this southern state whose winter temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees farenheit, experienced a temperature of -2 degrees farenheit.
What is Florida?

Skiis dating back to between 6300 to 5000 BC were found near Lake Sindor in this country?

What is Russia?

The snow capital of the United States is Stampede Pass where the average annual snowfall is 430 inches. Stampede Pass is in this state.
What is Washington?
This widely celebrated eastern holiday lasts 15 days and ends with a Lantern Festival.
What is Chinese Newy Year?
This bird goes without eating for up to 9 weeks in midst of the harsh Antarctic winter.
What is the Emporer Penguin?
In this blizzard, many people were trapped in their vehicles for extended periods of time and were killed by carbon monoxide fumes from their engines. Most of us remember this blizzard that happened in a) 1967 b) 1988 c) 1978
What is 1978?
This Canadian city is not only the home of the first organized hockey game, but also boasts the hockey team with the most Stanley Cup wins.
What is Montreal?
The biggest snowflakes ever recorded were a) 12 inches in diameter b) 18 inches in diameter c) 15 inches in diameter
What is 15 inches in diameter?

During what ancient festival did masters temporarily serve their slaves?


The coat of this playful animal has up to one million hairs per square inch, allowing it to remain active all winter long.
What is the otter?
In January of 1922, this blizzard covered Washington, D.C. in over two feet of snow collapsing this theater for which the blizzard was named.
What is the Knickerbocker Theatre?
This 15 year old girl is the youngest individual gold medalist in the history of the Winter Olympic Games.
Who is Tara Lipinski?
The first known photographs of snowflakes were taken by the this man in 1885.
Who is Wilson or "Snowflake" Bentley?

What holiday became popular after it was featured on an episode of Seinfeld?


Reindeer eat a great deal of this substance which contains a chemical that helps them keep their body fluids warm.
What is moss?
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