Subtraction Word Problems
Comparison Word Problems
Addition Word Problems

John had 14 apples. He gave 3 away. How many apples does John have now?

John has 11 apples


Sally has 5 valentines. Sue has 10 valentines. How many more valentines does Sue have? 

Sue has 5 more valentines than Sally. 


Adam has 5 apples and Eve has 3 apples. How many apples do they have together?

They have 8 apples.


Lilly earned $15 from babysitting. She spent $4 on a new wallet. How much money does Lily have left? 

Lily has $11 left.


Sarah has 10 hearts. Eric has 4 hearts. How many fewer hearts does Eric have? 

Eric has 6 fewer hearts than Sarah.


Isaac has 3 sheep. His father Abraham gives him 6 more sheep. How many sheep does Isaac have now?

Isaac has 9 sheep.


Peter had 8 library books at home. He returned 6 to the library. How many books does Peter still have at home?

Peter still has 2 library books at home. 


Amanda has 11 roses. Ted has 6 roses. how many fewer roses does Ted have than Amanda?

Ted has 5 fewer roses than Amanda.


7 leaves fell off the tree. 3 more leaves fell off the tree. How many leaves fell off the tree in all?

10 leaves fell off the tree.


Sam's coloring book has 20 pages. He used 12 pages. How many pages are left in Sam's coloring book?

Sam has 8 pages left in his coloring book. 

Tim has 8 candies. Tommy has 3 candies. How many fewer candies does Tommy have than Tim? 

Tommy has 5 fewer candies.


There were 6 big dogs at the park. Then, 2 more little dogs come. How many dogs were at the pork

There were 8 dogs at the dog park.


There were 20 flowers in a pot but Joe picked 14. How many flowers are still in the pot? 

There are 6 flowers still in the pot.


Alan has 7 cookies. Molly has 6 cookies. How many more cookies does Alan have than Molly?

Alan has 1 more cookie than Molly.

I put 5 candy canes in the jar. Then, I put 4 more in the jar. How many are in the jar now?

There are 9 candies in the jar.