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While playing a trivia game, Antonio answered 16 questions correct in the first half and 40 questions correct in the second half. If each question was worth 23 points, what was his final score?
What is 1288
A pet store had 90 siamese cats and 45 house cats. During a sale they sold 56 cats. How many cats do they have left?
What is 79
At the carnival Adam bought 120 tickets. After riding the carnival rides he had 23 tickets left. If each ticket cost $1.50, how much money did Adam spend riding the rides?
What is $145.50
At the town carnival Kloee rode the Ferris wheel 17 times, the Hurricane 16 times and the bumper cars 3 times. If each ride cost 12 tickets, how many tickets did she use?
What is 432
Jocelyn bought two coloring books. One had 224 pictures and the other had 439. After one week she had already colored 24 of the pictures. How many pictures does she still have to color?
What is 639
A worksheet had 17 problems on it. If Mrs. Herring had 97 worksheets to grade and had already graded 8 of them, how many more problems does she have to grade?
What is 1,513
Tyler was collecting cans for recycling. On Saturday, he filled 5 bags up and on Sunday he filled 8 more bags. If each bag had 379 cans in it, how many cans did he pick up total?
What is 4,927
For Halloween Prisella and her sister combined the candy they received. Prisella had 89 pieces of candy while her sister had 60. If they each ate 8 pieces the first night, how many pieces do they have left?
What is 133
A trivia team had 19 members total, but during a game 2 members didn't show up. If each member that did show up scored 16 points, how many points were scored total?
What is 272
There were 14 friends playing a video game online when 5 more players joined the game. If each player had 14 lives, how many lives did they have total?
What is 266
Ned was trying to expand his game collection. He bought 150 games from a friend and bought 27 more at a garage sale. If 70 of the games didn't work, how many good games did he end up with?
What is 107
Mike had 34 video games but 8 of them weren't working. If he wanted to sell the working games for $5.75 each, how much money could he earn?
What is $149.50
While shopping for music online, Hannah bought 16 country CD's and 2 pop CD's. Each CD came with a lyric sheet and had 11 songs. How many songs did Hannah buy total?
What is 198
Cody had $45.17. For his birthday he got $9.50 more but spent $19.99 on a new game. How much money does he have now?
What is $34.68
Nickolas earned $9.85 for each lawn he mowed. If he had 15 lawns to mow, but forgot to mow 2 of them, how much money did he actually earn?
What is $128.05
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