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Jill ate 2/3 bag of skittles. Her friend Craig ate 4/9 bag of m&ms. How much candy did they eat all together?
What is 1-1/9 candy.
My dad was painting our living room. He started with 7/10 of a can of paint. He used 1/4 of the can. How much paint did he have left?
What is 9/20 paint left.
At Alana's Restaurant, 1/5 of the dishes on the menu are vegetarian. Of the vegetarian dishes, 1/2 are pasta dishes. What fraction of the dishes on the menu are vegetarian pasta dishes?
What is 1/10 of the dishes.
Larry bought 1/2 pounds of candy to share with his friends. If he gave 2 pounds to each of his friends, how much candy did each friend receive? 
What is  1/4 of candy.
3-1/2 X 1/2=?
What is 1-3/4.
During a pie eating contest, my sister ate 5/8 of the pie. I ate 1/2 of the pie. How much pie did we ate together?
What is 1-1/8 of pie.
Thomas walks 1/4 mile from his home to his school. Jackson walks 2/3 mile from his home to work. How much farther does Jackson was than Thomas?
What is 5/12 mile.
A geologist had two rocks on a scale that weight 2-1/2 pounds all together. Rock A was a 1/3 of the total weight. How much did Rock A weigh?
What is 5/6 pounds.
Mom made a pizza. There was only 1/4 of the pizza left. Mom and her friend, Sally, are going to share the remaining pizza evenly. How much pizza will they each get?
What 1/8 pizza.
1/3 + 4/7=?
What is 19/21.
Russell spent 1/3 of his allowance to go to the movies. He wants to buy a new video game that will cost him another 1/2 of his allowance. If he buys the game, how much of his allowance will he have spent?
What is 5/6 of his allowance.
Sam has 3-1/8 acres of land. He planted on 2/3 of land. He wants to plant corn. How much land does he have left to plant corn?
What is 2-11/24 acres of land.
After the party, there was 1/2 of the pizza left. George have 1/5 of what was left to Katie. How much pizza did Katie receive?
What is 1/10 of pizza.
An Italian sausage is 8 inches long. How many pieces of sausage can be cut if each piece is to be 2/3 of an inch long?
What is 12 pieces.
9/2 - 13/8=?
What is 2-7/8.
Cindy made a batch of cookies. Her friend Emma ate 1/4 of the cookies and her friend Liam ate 2/5 of the cookies. How many total cookies did Cindy's friends eat?
What is 13/20 of cookies.
Margaret has 2-1/3 cups of sugar. She is using 1-1/4 cups to make cookies. How much sugar will she have left?
What is 1-1/12 cups of sugar.
Robin needs 3-1/8 feet of thread to finish a pillow she is making. If she has 2 times the amount of thread she needs, what is the length of thread she has?
What is 6-1/4 feet of thread.
One of the cats in the neighborhood had 6 kittens all about the same size. If the total weight of all of the kittens was about 1/2 ounces, how many ounces did each kitten weigh?
What is 12 ounces.
7/8 divided by 3 =?
What is 7/24. 
My mom makes "healthy" brownies. She uses 1-2/3 cups of white flour and 2-1/2 cups of wheat flour. How much flour all together does she use to make brownies?
What is 4-1/6 cups.
A football player advances 2-1/3 yards. A second player on the same team advances 1-3/5 yards. How many more yards did the first player advance than the second player?
What is 11/15 more yards.
A bottle of soda contains 4-3/8 of the daily recommended sugar. If you were to drink 1/2 of the bottle, how much of the daily recommended sugar would you have drank?
What is 2-3/16 sugar.
Sheila is baking a few cakes for the bake sale at her school. Each cake requires 2 cups of sugar. How many cakes can she bake if she has 1/3 cups of sugar?
What is 6 cakes.
What is 2/3 of 12/7?
What is 1-1/7.
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