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Keith grew 33 pumpkins. Sandy grew 43 pumpkins. How many cantaloupes do they have combined?

What is 76 pumpkins.

There were 135 pencils in the cup at the start of the school year. Students have taken 98 pencils. How many pencils are left?
What is 37 pencils.
Crosby-Ironton played 47 games of basketball last year. Tori attended 28 games. How many basketball games did Tori miss?
What is 19 games.
Dylan had $17 dollars in his bank account. His dad gave him 18 more dollars. How many dollars does he have now?
What is $25
Joan has 49 yellow balloons. Mike has 6 times more yellow balloons than Joan. How may yellow balloons does Mike have?
What is 294 yellow balloons.
Kristi had $256 to spend on her friends. She wanted to spend the same amount on her five friends. How much money could she spend on each friend?
What is $51.20
Jackie, Linda, Nancy, Lara, and Marie each gave Gwen $50 for a birthday gift. How much money did Gwen receive on her birthday?
What is $250
Hannah has 20 Pokemon cards. Shelby gave Hannah 23 new Pokeman cards. How many Pokemon cards does Hannah have now?
What is 43 Pokemon cards.
Mrs. Hofmann has 279 pieces of candy. If there are 31 students and the candy is divided evenly, how many pieces will each student get?
What is 9 pieces.
There were a total of 3 baseball games a month. The season is played for 4 months. How many baseball game are in a season?
What is 12 games.
Dylan bought 6 twelve packs of Mountain Dew from the store. How many cans of Mountain Dew does he have?
What is 72 cans of Mountain Dew.
Hannah decided to sell all of her old shoes. She gathered up 44 pairs to sell. She sold 26 pairs at a garage sale. How many pairs of shoes does Hannah have left?
What is 18 pairs of shoes.
Kim has read 97 pages of The Absolute True Diary of a Part-time Indian. How many more pages does she have left to read if the book has 233 pages?
What is 136 pages.
Jessica found 18 seashells and Jason found 45 seashells on the beach. How many seashells did they find together?
What is 63 seashells.
The Junior class took a trip to the Minnesota Zoo last year. Each student had to pay $21.50 to attend. How much did it cost for 68 students to go on the trip?
What is $1,462
On Monday, Avi paid $7.34 each on two tickets to a movie theater. She also borrowed a movie for $9.31. Avi paid with two $20 bills. How much change did Avi receive? (HINT: Multiple steps)
What is $16.01
Tori has 3 dozen golf balls. How many golf balls does she have?
What is 36 golf balls.
Avi has 84 muffins, which she needs to box up into dozens. How many boxes does she need?
What is 7 boxes.
Tori had 26 kittens. Half of the kittens were given friends. How many does Tori have left?
What is 13 kittens.
There are 35 calories in a fun size candy bar. How many calories are there in 10 candy bars?
What is 350 calories.
Shelby got fast food for lunch. She paid $2 on a hotdog ad $3.83 on a salad with a $10 bill. What was the change from her purchase? (HINT: multiple steps)
What is $4.17
Kim earns $29 cleaning a home. How many homes did she clean if she made $261?
What is 9 homes.
There are 48 popular trees currently in the park. Park workers had to cut down 14 popular trees that were damaged. How many popular trees will be in the park when the workers are finished?
What is 34 popular trees.
Kim went to the mall to buy clothes. She paid $7.68 for pants and $14.31 on a shirt with two $20 bills. How much change did Kim get? (HINT: multiple steps)
What is $18.01
For his car, Dylan paid $80.07 on speakers and $77.09 on new tires with two $100 bills. How much did Dylan get in change? (HINT: Multiple steps)
What is $42.84
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