Huddle me Timber!!
"Time" Stamp!
Let me see that Tootsee "Role"!
Huddle like it's 1999...
Slow Ya "Role"!


This is the start time of the morning shift for pre-huddle

What is 8:15 AM?


This is something providers can do if finished early and do not have other off-clinic duties.

What is help with "soft-landing" or asking the MA leads how they can be helpful?


This is an example of a form that providers must review and sign before an action is performed.

What are...

1) Procedural consent form

2) Immunization consent form


This is the start time for prehuddle during the afternoon shift.

What is 1:15 PM?


These are the people who should be periodically checking in at the end of a shift with providers and staff on how the shift went.

What are clinic management (supervisors and clinician leads)?


Team Huddle will last this long

What is 90 seconds to 2 minutes?


This is how long before the end of the shift (1215 and 515) for a walk-in or a late patient to be when it must be considered that they are rescheduled or seen on the next shift.

What is 45 minutes?


This is a type of visit that is performed by a clinician with admin time (ie. clinical leader) to help lessen a provider's clinic burden.

What is a "soft landing"?


These are two things that an MA could do during their prehuddle time

What are...

1) Prepare for dyad huddle 

- merge appropriate templates, review and print CAIR documents, login to Relevant, check for missing labs/DI, check for ER/hospital/specialty records


These staff members play a crucial role in making sure that consistent and compassionate messaging is delivered regarding patients who arrive late.

What are medical receptionists?


These are two things that a provider can do during pre-huddle.

What are...

1) Practice management/Desktop Medicine

2) Chart Review/Prep for the Shift


Patients who arrive late (10+ minutes) will be seen after walk-in/same-day patients. True or False

What is True?


This is the protocol that serves as a guide for MAs getting a patient ready for the provider/nurse

What is the "MA rooming Protocol"?


This is the data program we use during dyad huddles to close "care gaps?"

What is Relevant?


What are three tasks that nurses can perform during clinic shifts that significantly contribute to great patient care?

What are...

1) Start visits (ER f/u, hospital d/c followup, est care)

2) Flip visits (injections, wound care, pt education, etc)

3) Med refill (via jellybean)

4) Triage (over phone or walk-in)

5) Coordination of care

6) Communication of abnormal lab/DI result


These are two pieces of information to be obtained from the "Board"

What are...

- MA-provider assignments

- Room assignment

- Sick Calls

- Break Coverage


These are three criteria used when deciding whether or not to jockey a patient off a provider's (who is running late) schedule.

What are....

1) Ask patient if they would like to be seen by another provider

2) Ask provider if patient needs to be seen by them (ie. chronic pain pt who needs consistent boundaries)

3) Patient preference over provider preference


DAILY DOUBLE!!!!!!!!! For 800...

This group sang "Tootsee Roll?"

What is 69 Boyz?


These are two things that needs to/can be accomplished in after clinic debrief.

What are....

* Complete Lab information (Paps, pathology, etc)

* make sure forms are signed (some should be signed in the moment)

* feedback on how shift went


These are important elements of the MA sign-out (for break).

What are....

1) Provider's whereabouts

2) Clinical needs/huddle requests (IH labs, injections, etc) of patients in rooms or waiting room

3) Status of various orders (done, to be done, etc)


These are three of the general rules that help ground the working agreements.

What are ...

Patients first

Always assume positive intention

When in doubt, over-communicate

Be open to constructive feedback

Everybody on the team will have each other’s back!


These are three options presented to late patients by the MR and/or MA/MA lead.

What are..

1) Wait to see PCP

2) Reschedule with PCP or another provider

3) See another provider for that shift


These are three examples of tasks that MA leads perform that can make a clinical shift run smoothly.

1) Help with any "MA duties" when provider's MA is on break

2) Jockeying schedules (ensure continuity, help provider running late, fit in walk-ins/same-days)

3) Help with "Quick Starts"

4) Assists in staff and providers finishing on time.

5) Works together with nursing on all triage situations

6) Ensure that MAs take their scheduled breaks


These are five different tasks that can be identified/prepared for/done during dyad huddles.

What are...

- Nurse visits, "jockey"-able patients, in-house labs, injections, and procedures, procedures set-up, areas of schedule congestion, need for mid-visit knock, need for notes (specialty, ER, hospital), patients on FPACT or Medicare (mindful of lab/DI ordering), template merging, identifying care gaps via Relevant, etc


These are tasks that a MA can perform while waiting for provider instructions (or in between rooming patients).

What are...

1) jellybean management

2) Completing actions (making appointments or completing some task)

3) Confirm upcoming appointments

4) QIP reports

5) Complete huddle tasks for upcoming patients