Origins of Cold War
Events of the War
Cold War Proxy Wars

This is an economic system that encourages private ownership of land and property, private business, and the opportunities of the individual are given the most value.  

What is capitalism? 


These two global superpowers were the ones involved in the Cold War. 

Who are the US + USSR?


Winston Churchill's speech to the British people gave a new name to the division between east and west Europe, known as....

What is the Iron Curtain? 

This Hot Spot in the Cold War only lasted 'officially' for 13 days.

What is the Cuban Missile Crisis? 


The Soviet Union and United States are often represented in political cartoons as these two characters.

What are a bear and Uncle Sam? 

OR What are a bear and an eagle? 


This is an economic system that encourages the redistribution of resources equally among all citizens and allowing the state more control. The opportunities for the good of everyone are given the most value.

What is communism?


The Space Race began when the Soviet Union launched this satellite into space.

What is Sputnik? 


The competition between the US and the USSR over the growth of atomic power was known as this. 

What is the nuclear arms race? 


The name for the group of countries who did not want to be known for giving support to either of the major economic systems during the Cold War. 

Who are the non-aligned nations? 


The Yooks and the Zooks are characters in a Cold War era children's book written by this author.

Who is Dr. Seuss?


The domino theory believed that...

If one country fell to communism, all of the surrounding countries would as well. 


The US had a goal of supporting countries in western Europe with resources and funding. This strategy was known as ____

What is the Marshall Plan? 


This term refers to wars that were fought with military force because of the conflict between capitalism and communism.  However, the US and USSR were not fighting against one another directly. 

What are proxy wars? 


The conflict in this country during the cold war ended with a divided nation split by the 38th parallel. 

What is Korea? 


Bert the Turtle wants you to do this in order to stay safe when there is a nuclear attack 

What is "Duck and Cover"? 


This policy was implemented by the United States to try and keep communism in the countries that it started in. 

What is containment? 


These are the four nations that divided control of Germany following WWII. 

What are the United States, Great Britain, France, and the USSR?


This event officially "ends" the Cold War. 

What is the Malta Summit of 1989? 


The United States sponsored one of these events in Guatemala and a military regime took over

What is a coup? 


This man was president of the United States during the Cold War. [more than one correct answer]

Who is ...

- Truman

- Eisenhower

- Kennedy

- Johnson

- Carter

- Nixon


This organization was formed in order to protect one another's economic and defense interests in the Soviet Union.

What is the Warsaw Pact? 

Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt met to decide the fate of Germany after WWII at this meeting.

What is the Yalta Conference?


This term refers to one of the policies of the Soviet Union near the end of the Cold War. The time period was marked by more information from the west and less censorship from the east.

What is glasnost? 


This country, and its neighbor Laos, were devastated by US bombing campaigns in the 1960s and 1970s. American citizens would stage significant protests against US military action. 

What is Vietnam? 


What other two subjects has Ms. Salvig taught at Kelso High School besides history? 

What is math and French?