The Process
Edit for Success
A Superior Story
Why Should I?
Tell Me More
The first step to successfully compeleting a writing prompt.
What is read the prompt carefully to understand the task and brainstorm ideas?
Three places where you need capitals.
What are proper nouns, 1st word in the sentence, "I", first word in a direct quote?
The type of writing that tells a story.
What is a narrative?
A piece of writing that tries to convince the reader to agree with your side of an issue.
What is persuasive writing?
The type of writing that informs, explains or describes.
What is expository?
The second step of the writing processing
What is focusing my ideas with a concept map or an outline?
What is needed for a complete sentence.
What is subject, predicate and a complete thought.
The part of a story where the author introduces the characters, setting and background information.
What is the introduction or exposition?
The 2 parts necessary for a good persuasive thesis statement.
What is your statement of opinion and your 3 reason for your opinion?
The paragraph structure for an expository prompt response.
What is 1 paragraph introduction, 2-4 paragraph body and 1 paragraph conclusion?
The third step in the writing process.
What is write your 1st draft?
DOUBLE JEOPARDY: The point of view used by the following words: A: I or we B. you C. He , she, it or they
What is A. First Person B. Second Person C. Third Person
The highest point of interest in a narrative.
What is the climax?
What is necessary for a good persuasive conclusion.
What are restate the thesis, put the problem into a real world application or make an emotional appeal?
The type of expository writing in the passage The Labrador Retriever. Give support for your answer.
What is descriptive? Possible support: examples of descriptive language, the fact that the author gives information about the different attributes (qualities) about 1 type of dog.
The final step of the writing process.
What is reread, revise and edit?
Choose the sentence with correct parallel structure. A. The coach told us to go to bed early, to eat a good breakfast, and don't arrive late for the game. B. The coach told us to go to bed early, to eat a good breakfast, and to arrive on time for the game.
What is B?
The part that is essential (necessary) to the plot. List 2 types of it.
What is conflict? Man vs. Man Man vs. Society Man vs. Nature Man vs. Himself
List four strong persuasive words.
What is ... ask Mrs. K?
Write the following sentence using descriptive language. The girl ran fast.
What is ...ask Mrs. K?
The basic structure of an essay.
What is 1 paragraph introduction, 2-3 paragraph body, and 1 paragraph conclusion?
The places where commas are used.
What is to seperate items in a series, seperate 2 independent clauses, between adjectives that modify a noun, in dates, between a city and a state, and to set off appositives or interrupters?
The 5 essential parts of a narrative in order.
What are introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and conclusion?
The paragraph structure for a persuasive prompt response.
What is 1 paragraph introduction, 3 paragraphs of support, 1 paragraph of conclusion?
List and describe the 5 types of expository writing.
What are Process, Cause/Effect, Compare/Contrast, Descriptive, and Problem/Solution. Let Mrs. K read your descriptions.
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