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The Year was 2020...
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This returning Lancaster High YRC member might have "Georgia" on their mind but graduation is probably more of their focus these days.

Who is Savannah Robinson?


This school and three of its educators received funding for their project "Welcome to Vol-Ville", which will work to use the arts to promote mental and emotional wellness. 

What/Where is Andrew Jackson Middle School


Although Lil Nas X is not an alumnus, his latest music video may remind you of this school's mascot. What school is home to the Red Devils?

What/where is Great Falls


In mid-March of 2020, this city and the surrounding area became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the US with far more cases than many countries at the time.

What/Where is New York City


As of this year's 63rd Grammy Awards, this artist broke the record for most Grammys won by a female artist.

Who is Beyonce?

This YRC member may be teaching their future students a bit about the year "1989" and even a little "Folklore" once they are in the classroom. 

Who is Taylor Stoneburner? 


This YRC leader also applied for our grant during the spring cycle in collaboration with two other Great Falls and Lewisville High School educators. 

(Hint: this project ALSO included collaboration with facilitator and former YRC guest speaker Holly Hayes)

Who is Abby Brunson 

Lewisville's mascot would probably fit well between a witch and a wardrobe in the fictional world of Narnia. What is Lewisville's mascot?

Who/What are the Lewisville Lions?


On May 21, 2020, the University of California voted to phase out this as a requirement to apply to its system of 10 schools.

a. A.P. Course Credits

b. Class Rank

c. Standardized Testing

What is C. Standardized Testing


What Italian artist fired all of his assistants and painted the 65-foot Sistine Chapel ceiling alone? 

(hint: he shares his name with a crime-fighting turtle)

Who is Michelangelo


When they aren't approving grants, these TWO YRC members are busy on the courts.

(Hint: One shares a name with another famous basketball player and the other could EASILY dribble in heels and a sash)

Who are Jordan Holmes and Annsley Vick?


Despite the hectic year that was 2020 and has been 2021, our educators still managed to submit this impressive number of applications during the 2020-2021 grant cycle. (remember: this number includes both the fall AND spring cycle) 

What is 7?

Lancaster High School is the headquarters of the "Bruin Den". What is a Bruin?

What is a bear?


In the wake of many nationwide protests, this brand announced that it will get a new name and character after its company acknowledges that its origins were "based on a racial stereotype". 

What is Aunt Jemima 


While America may "Run on Dunkin", this chain dominates as the largest coffeehouse company in the world with 32,660 stores across the globe. 

What is Starbucks?


Steer clear of this YRC devilish fastpitch!

Who is Sydney Bailey?


This topic/subject was the focus of two applications from North Elementary School. 

What is ESOL?


The Andrew Jackson schools are named after (shocker) former president Andrew Jackson. Where else may we also see the Volunteers' namesake appear? 

(hint: check your wallet)

What is a $20 bill


This Supreme Court Justice, who was the second woman in history to serve on the Supreme Court, died on September 18, 2020. 

Who is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


With a Scoville scale measurement of 2,200,000, what local pepper is one of the hottest in the world?

What is the Carolina Reaper

After graduation, this YRC member may be on the fasttrack to Vogue with their photography skills.

Who is Scottie Gibson?


Since its inception, these many Horizon Education grants have been accepted.

a. 90

b. 76

c. 61

What is 76?


This two-year campus is not only the largest but the oldest two-year campus. 

What is USCL?


On November 8, 2020, Alex Trebek died at age 80. He hosted this popular gameshow for a record-setting 37 years.

What is Jeopardy?


This popular children's book by British writer Roald Dahl features a 5-year-old supergenius, a giant chocolate cake, and a kind teacher appropriately named "Miss Honey". 

What is Matilda

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