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The D in distract stands for 'Do Nothing"

What is FALSE!


Janet was anxious about getting a bad grade and having to tell her parents, she had the urge to self-harm. Instead, she washed her face with cold water and practiced some deep breathing. What skill did she use?

**Double Jeopardy- describe a time you used this skill**

What is the TIPP Skill!


Who is the director of our unit?

Who is...Dr. Gartner!


How many hearts does an Earthworm have?

What is 5!


This 12 North staff member was once a golf caddy...

Who is ...Mr. Ray!


The P is STOP stands for Put that down!...

**double jeopardy**

When have you used the STOP skill?

What is False!


Selena was eating a lot of junk food, not exercising, staying up all night and drinking too much coffee. What skill would Selena benefit from practicing the most based on the above?

What is the PLEASE Skill!


What time is the latest you can hand your WiseMind Point sheet in, in order to earn a medal?

What is... 8:00am!


How many breaths does an average human take in a day?

What 23,000!


This 12 north staff member was once a fishmonger?

Who is...Mr. Ray!


The S in the PLEASE skill stands for "Sleep well"

What is True

Matthew got into an argument with a classmate and had the urge to hit his classmate. Instead, he took a breath, thought about the consequence of hitting and decided to walk away so he can stay out of trouble.

What is the Stop Skill!


What do the letters in EBCAP stand for?

What is...Egregious Behavior Corrective Action Plan!


What is the largest state in the USA?

What is... Alaska!


This 12 North staff member preformed won their school Jax tournament...

**double Jeopardy** What is Jax?

Who is .... Dr. Broberg!


The M in the DEARMAN skill stands for Make a decision more

**double Jeopardy what does R stand for**

What is false

Reward or motivate the person for doing what you want

H (have fun)


Henry was having a hard time in class because the teacher was talking about a topic he didn't like and had the urge to run out of the room, instead, Henry thought about the last time the teacher spoke about this topic and how he successfully stayed in class and used his putty.

**double Jeopardy**

what can you purchase from the WiseMind store to DISTRACT



How do  you earn bonus coins?

How is by practicing your DBT skill and telling staff or being observed by staff


What is the first ever feature length animated movie released?

What is ...Snow White!


This 12 north staff member went to school in Israel 

Who is Dr. Gartner!

The T in TIPP stands for Talk

What is FALSE


Sally was nervous about her test in school. She made sure she used positive self-talk/affirmations such as “you can do this!” and “you studied hard and are going ace this test!”

** double jeopardy** 

When have you used this skill

What is Cheerlead


How many patients can be in the comfort room at a time?

What is... 1!


How many legs does a lobster have?

What is...10!


This 12 North staff member was once a professional Opera singer...

Who is...Dr. Beecher!

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