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What are the sun safety strategies 

  • Slop on some sunscreen

  • Slip on a shirt

  • Slap on a hat

  • Seek shade

  • Slide on some sunglasses


What should you do when you are crossing the road?

When crossing the road make sure you look left and right.
Where should you swim at the beach?

You should swim in between the red and yellow flags.


How many hours does a teenager need to sleep for?

Teenagers need at least 8 - 10 hours of sleep


how do you check the UV radiation?

Check the UV index on your phone or devices


What is the effect of participating physical activities?

The effects of participating physical activities are that it decreases the chance of getting sick (getting diabetes) , makes you become more healthier, and most importantly you can gain very impressive skills. 


Where at home can are babies drown? Name 3 places

Babies can drown in the sinks, toilets and baths.


What should be the limited amount of screen time for a teenagers?

The limited amount of screen time for teenagers should be 2 hours per day.


How long does the Sunscreen take be affective 

It takes at least 10 minutes to activate 


How much water should a teenager drink per day?

Teenagers need at least 2 Litres of water per day.


Do you have to have a fence around pool?

Yes you do!


How often should you reapply sunscreen?

At least every 2 hours


Just because a celebrity promotes are product does that mean that it is 100% Reliable?

No, Just because celebrities promote products doesn't mean that it is always 100% reliable. We have to remember that the celebrities can paid for it!


List 5 thing you need to consider while swimming

  • Bring water

  • Be careful not to hit your head

  • Bring your equipment (goggles)

  • Drowning


Does sunscreen completely block out UV?

No, that’s why other sun protection measures like hats, clothing and shade are still important


What is the definition of technology in 'Safe Living'

Technology is a tool (e.g phones) that can be used to measure the UV radiation.

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