Show the Scout Sign


Show the Scout Salute?


Show the Scout handshake?

To give the Scout handshake, use your left hand instead of the right. Do not interlock your fingers. The Scout handshake is a token of friendship


Say the Scout Motto.


Say the Scout Slogan.


Say the Scout Law


When is the Scout Salute used?

The salute is rendered in the American style with the palm in and is only used to salute the flag of the United States when in uniform. It can also be used when greeting other Scout or military staff.


When is the Scout Handshake used?

The left-handed Scout handshake is a formal way of greeting other Scouts of both genders and is used by members of Scout and Guide organizations around the world.


Say the Pledge of Allegiance.


Say the Scout Oath.


When is the Scout sign used?

The Scout Sign is used when reciting any of the ideals of the BSA such as the Scout Oath and Scout Law. It is also used to gain the attention of the group


Explain the Patrol Method?

A patrol is a small group of Scouts BSA within a troop. They elect a patrol leader and function almost like a family within the troop. They divide up the chores to be done and work together as a group to meet their goals.


What is a Merit Badge?

Merit badges give scouts the opportunity to investigate around 135 different areas of knowledge and skills. They are part of the Scout advancement (13 are Eagle required) and most are just for fun.


What is the meaning of the Scout Motto?

The Scout motto means that you are always ready to do what is necessary to help others. It also means you are ready, willing, and able to do what is necessary in any situation that comes along.


What is the meaning of the Scout slogan?

This does not mean that you should do just one Good Turn during the day and then stop. It means you should always be looking for extra opportunities to help others, quietly and without boasting.


What is the Meaning of the Scout Law?

It’s really a code to live by.


What is the meaning of the Scout Oath?

When a scout recites the Scout Oath he is making a promise to uphold all that he holds sacred


How is a Merit Badge earned?

1- Scout chooses a merit badge

2- The unit leader signs a blue card and provides the Scout with at least one counselor contact if needed

3- The Scout contacts the counselor

4- The Scout does the requirements and meet with the counselor when needed (buddy needed)

5- The counselor approves completion

6- The Scout returns the signed blue card to his unit leader, who signs the applicant record section of the blue card.

7- The unit leader gives the Scout the applicant record.

8- The unit reports the merit badge to the council.

9- The Scout receives his merit badge.


Say the Outdoor Code?

As an American, I will do my best to –
Be clean in my outdoor manners.
Be careful with fire.
Be considerate in the outdoors.
Be conservation minded.


What are the different types of patrol in a Troop?

three types of patrols:

New Scout patrol. That might be a patrol of brand new Scouts who just moved up from a Webelos den, or it might be a group from a recruiting night that all joined together where they learn some basic skills as they join the troop.

Traditional patrols. These are Scouts in that middle age group that are about the same age, have some similar interests and they work together to do things and learn advancement together.

Older scout patrol. These are Scouts, say 14 years and older, who have been in the patrol for a while and have moved up into troop leadership positions.


What is the Scout Spirit?

Scout spirit is an attitude that Scouts around the world are supposed to show, based on adherence to the ideals of Scouting: Live by the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life


What are the 4 Steps of the BSA advancement?

There are four basic steps in Scout advancement, and they apply to all six ranks.

Step 1: The Scout learns. ( Scouting skills )

Step 2: The Scout is tested. ...

Step 3: The Scout is reviewed. ...

Step 4: The Scout is recognized.


How does the Scout provide leadership?

Boy Scouts in positions of leadership run the troop. They take care of the many tasks necessary for troop and patrol meetings and activities to run smoothly. By accepting the responsibilities of troop leadership, Scouts are preparing themselves to be leaders throughout their lives.


What is the meaning of the Outdoor Code?

The Outdoor Code is your promise to care for the environment and leave no trace


What is the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance?

When you pledge allegiance to the U. S. flag, you promise loyalty, respect and devotion to your nation. Each part of the pledge has a meaning.

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