Conversation skills
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How can you greet a friend?

"What's up" "Hey" "How are you" 


How can you say bye to a friend?

"See ya" "Talk to you later" "bye"


How would you respond if someone asked you about your weekend?

"I had a nice weekend. I played video games. How was your weekend?


Is asking a teacher or grown up their age appropriate?

No, you should not ask a grown up their age. It is okay to ask a friend their age!


What does it mean if someone rolls their eyes?

They are annoyed or disagree with you


How can you greet a teacher or other adults?

"Hello" "How are you?" "Good morning, afternoon, evening"


How can you say bye to a teacher or grown up?

"Thank you"


"I've get to get going, bye!"


You have been talking for 5 minutes, should you keep talking or ask your social partner a question?

Ask you social partner a question. You should only talk for about 2 minutes at a time.


You ask someone if they like Fortnite

Yes, this is appropriate 


What can you ask to understand another's perspective?

"I am a little confused right now, can you explain to me your point of view?"

"How did that make you feels?"

"What are you thinking about right now?"


Name a way to say hello, without saying hey, hi, or hello

"Good morning, afternoon, evening"

"How are you?"

"What's up?"


What is a nonverbal way to say goodbye?



Your friend is talking about their hobbies, you interrupt them to say you like pizza. 

That is off topic. This may be seen as rude. Let someone finish their thought before you begin to speak.


You ask someone how much money they make

No, this is not an appropriate question. 


How can you tell someone is bored with the conversation?

They yawn, check their watch, look around, or look at something else. They may also say "mhm" and not ask any questions


How do you greet a relative you have not seen in a long time?

"Hi ____, I missed you, how are you doing?"


Is it okay to interrupt someone if you are late for class?

Yes, you can say "I am sorry to interrupt but I have to get to class! Let's talk later"


You friend is crying because they failed a test, what should you do?

"I am sorry, that test was really hard, what can I do to help?"


You ask someone if they gained weight

Not appropriate. This might seem rude and mean. 


how could you apologize for calling a friend a mean name?

"I am sorry I called you that. It was not very nice of me. I hope you can forgive me. I will not do it again."


How do you get someone's attention if they are talking to someone else?

"Hi, I do not mean to interrupt but can I talk to ___ when you are finished?"


How do you end a conversation if you are bored?

"Look at the time, I have to leave, let's talk later!"


How can you shift a conversation about pets to a conversation about hobbies?

Say something about pets, connect it to a hobby you like, ask a question about that hobby to your partner

"I enjoy watching cute dog videos online, I also watch videos on how to bake, do you like baking?"


Should you ask a friend how their parent died at a funeral?

No, you should not ask how someone died. You can ask your parents later if you want to


What are good habits to make a good first impression?

Make eye contact, speak clearly, smile, introduce yourself

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