Coping Skills

This object is a squishy sphere that you could use when anxious or fidgety.

What is a stress ball? 


This skill help to improve regulating emotions and help to recognize our thoughts and change out thinking patterns. 

What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy? 

He recently came out as transgender. He has starred in the movie Juno and the tv series Umbrella Academy. 

Who is Elliot Paige? 


This activity can help you stay active and moving. It is a good way to de-stress and releases endorphins. 

What is exercise? 


Some times a thought can lead to a .... 

What is a feeling? 


Who is an rapper who rose to prominence with the single Old Town Road. He was the first openly LGBTQ+ black artist to win a CMA award.

What is Lil Nas X? 


This coping skills consists of writing your thoughts and feelings. It does not require you to talk.

What is journaling? 


Rational or Irrational Thought? 

My friend did not say to me this morning in the hallway, they must not like me. 

What is Irrational? What are some other reasons why they might have not said hi? 


He is a famous drag queen. He has hosted a gaming competition. 

Who is Rupaul? 


It is a skill that helps focus on a thought, feeling, or activity to one to been attentive and aware.  This skill can quiet your mind and create calmness

What is meditation? or What is meditating? 


Thought or feeling 

I'm so sad, how could this happen?

What is a thought? This is a thought what are some of the feelings behind this thought?


She is an actress that played on American Horror Story. 

Who is Sarah Paulson


This is a coping skill that uses your olfactory sensory to promote sleepiness and calmness. 

What is aromatherapy? or What is esstenial oils.


Rational or irrational 

It feels like I have nothing to live for. 

What is closer to rational? It recognizes that this is a feeling but it is not fact. Remember your feelings can change over time. 


She is an super model turned actress who starred in the movies Paper Towns and Suicide Squad. 

Who is Cara D

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