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Dirt, Sand, Gravel, Grass, Netherrack, and Slime are the weakest block in the game.

False. The true weakest blocks in the game are Carrots, Beetroot, Potatoes, Honey Blocks, and Slime Blocks. 


Netherite is the strongest block obtainable without commands.

True. The strongest blocks in the game are the Command Block and the Barrier Block, which are only obtainable by commands.


Hardened Glass is stronger than normal Glass Blocks.

True. In Education Edition, Hardened Glass takes longer to break than Glass Blocks and if you break the glass without Silk Touch, you'll get the block back.


Netherite has the same blast resistance as Obsidian.

True. According to the wiki, both blocks(along with others) have a blast resistance of 1,200.


Netherite is tougher than Ancient Debris.

True. According to the official wiki, Ancient Debris has a hardness of 30 while a Netherite Block has a hardness of 50.

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