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Non-Residential Connects

Name the online form that must be submitted by the customer to designate an agent?

Account Agent Designation Statement


What code should be entered in CSS during the set up of the COR?



What is the cut threshold amount for Non-Residential Accounts?



When creating a connect order what field on the Connect Service screen should we be sure to update and why?

Requested By Field

To replace Business name with the Caller’s full name and telephone number


A firm or a person that has authorization to act on the customer’s behalf at the account level?

ABC (Agent, Broker or Consultant)


When creating a Customer Record, if unable to verify the FEIN using the Accurint tool what should you do?

Use mytaxillinois.com to determine current standing


Non-Residential Final Bill Accounts are due how many days after bill issuance?

14 Days


Question that should be asked while issuing a connect order to determine if the organization is a small business.

Do you have 50 or less full time employees in the State of Illinois?    


Name the WFM that is sent if an Agents mailing address needs revised or removed?

IL Cust Contact Center – Agent Inquiries/Forms


What 3 pieces of information must match to issue a connect order using an existing Non-Individual COR?

1. Business Name

2. Customer Type

3. Social Security or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)


According to the Collections Timeline for accounts with a 60 Day Special Handling code, what happens 5 days after the due date if payment hasn’t been received?

A Reminder Notice is issued


Once a connect order is processed and verified, why is it necessary to retrieve the new Pending-Active account and access the CCP window?

•Enter Account Level mailing address if needed

•Offer eBill

•Offer Alerts

•Enter Company Officers in the Other Accounts Contacts, if applicable                                    


A term that refers to property managers, property owners, housing authorities, realtors, etc. that have been authorized to act on behalf of the Customer of Record

Trusted Partner


Where can a Business Center agent search and verify an SIC Code?

OSHA website


Under what circumstance is it permissible to set up a Special Agreement?  

Company Error:

Stopped Meter

Meter Constant Error

Rate Correction

Billing Error

Meter Installation Error


In the instance of a Service reconnect how will one know if service charges will be applied?

“Seasonal” will be displayed in the task list during the connect process


The first part of the matrix, as well as the phone call, is the Verification Process.  What information should be verified during the verification process?

•Name on account

•Name of caller

•Service address

•One of the following:

•Account number

•Last five digits of DL#

•Last four digits of FEIN/SSN


Name 5 customer types?


2.County Government


4.Federal Government


6.Limited Partnership

7.Limited Liability Company

8.Municipal Government

9.Non-profit Organization


11.School District

12.Small Business

13.State Government


What are the 4 reasons CSS generates a “serious” letter for Returned Items?

1.Non-sufficient  Funds (NSF)

2.Account Closed

3.Uncollected Funds

4.No account with the bank (critical Red Flag Exists contact)


When issuing a connect on a premise with this rate what question is required to be asked and what is the rate?

DS-2/GDS-2, is the service for residential or Business/non-residential purpose. To ensure customer account has the correct revenue class

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