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The only vaccination routinely given in the newborn period

Hepatitis B


Proquad is a combination vaccine.  What are the vaccines included?

MMR and Varicella


What vaccines are contraindicated in pregnancy? 

MMR, Varicella, LAIV, ZVL


This medication was developed by Dr. Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh

Polio vaccine


A 4 y/o girl is brought by her Mom to the FHC who just moved from California with immunization records from her previous PCP and is "up to date." She will be starting Kindergarten in 2 months. What vaccines would you recommend at this time? 

MMR, Varicella, DTap, IPV


What vaccines should be given within 12 hours of life if the mother is HBsAG positive?

Hep B and HBIG


A 12 month old presents for a well child visit with up-to-date immunizations. What vaccines should he/she receive at this visit?

Hepatitis A, MMR, and Varicella


Schedule changes for 2019: The pregnancy box in this vaccine row has been changed to the orange "precaution" color. What vaccine has been noted as "Precaution" in pregnant women? 

Meningococcal B Vaccine


First commercial radio station in the US, also the first to broadcast a presidential address nationwide.



An 11 y/o boy is brought to the FHC by his dad. Per Epic chart review, he has completed all his immunizations. What vaccines would you give to him today? 

Meningococcal, HPV, and Tdap


In our FHC office, we give Pediarix (combination vaccine). What are the vaccines in Pediarix?

DTaP, Hep B, and IPV


A 15 month old presents for a well child visit with up-to-date immunizations. What vaccines should he/she receive at this visit?

HiB, Pneumococcus and DTaP


Schedule Changes for 2019: Homelessness has been added as an indication for this vaccination? What is this vaccination? 

Hepatitis A Vaccine


This board game, popular in church halls and nursing homes, was invented in Pittsburgh in the 1920's.



As of December 2016, the ACIP updated their recommendations on HPV Vaccines. What are the new ACIP recommendation for HPV vaccine schedule? 

<15 y/o: 2 dose series 

=/> 15 y/o: 3 dose series


Kinrix is another combination vaccine given in our FHC.  What are the vaccines in Kinrix?

DTaP and IPV


An 18 month old presents for a well child visit with up-to-date immunizations. What vaccine(s) should he/she receive at this visit?

Hepatitis A #2


The FDA has only granted emergency-use approval for these Covid-19 Vaccines in the US. What are these 3 Vaccines? DAILY DOUBLE: How many doses each and how many weeks apart? 

Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson

Pfizer: 2 doses/3 weeks

Moderna: 2 Doses/4 weeks 

J&J: 1 Dose


This popular amusement park ride was designed and made in Pittsburgh in 1893

Ferris wheel


An 18 y/o female presents to the FHC for her routine Annual Exam. She is up to date with her immunizations and is heading to college. She received her HPV vaccine #1 at 17 y/o, but missed her HPV vaccine series. What vaccines would you give to her at this visit?

Meningococcal and HPV #2. 


What vaccine should be given at a 6 month well-child visit?

Prevnar, Pediarix, Infuenza, and Rotavirus


Pediarix should be used BEFORE 6 weeks of age.

True or False?



Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Women can safely receive the Covid Vaccine?



The emoticon was invented at this Pittsburgh institution in 1982 :-)

Carnegie Mellon University


In May 2021, a Covid Vaccine was approved for adolescents and teens. What is the age cut off of this vaccine? DAILY DOUBLE: What is the name of the vaccine?

12 years old

Pfizer-BioNTech Covid Vaccine

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