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Being kind to others

What is Respect Others.

This person loves pandas and used to work for Zamorano PrimeTime as the Site Director before Ms. Ujena.

Who is Mr. Luis?


This is a place where you get your lunch from.

Where is the Cafeteria?


This person teaches in room 1.

Who is Mrs. Robinson?


This is a fast food restaurant that has a clown as a mascot.

What is McDonald's?


The act in believing in yourself and trying your best.

What is respecting yourself?


This PrimeTime staff has worked for Zamorano PrimeTime for 11 years.

Who is Mr. Roberto?


This place is where you check out books.

Where is the Library?


This person/group of people helps make sure that our school is clean and has enough supplies.

Who are Mr. Andy and the custodial/janitorial staff


This is day is when students get out of school early at 11:50am.

What is Wednesday?


This rule involves making sure that we take care of our supplies and items that we use during program.

What is respecting materials?


This PrimeTime staff is celebrating their birthday in October and loves Disney.

Who is Ms. Angel?


This area is where you go when you're not feeling well.

Where is the Nurses Office?


This person is who your parents contact when you will not be attending school.

Who is the Attendance Clerk, Mr. Ivan Castro?


This spot is red and is illegal for parents to park at.

What is the Red Zone?


This rule holds us accountable for the things we say and do; we should not put blame on others and be honest with staff.

What is taking responsibilities for our own actions


This PrimeTime staff loves whales and watching anime like Naruto, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Hunter x Hunter, and Haikyuu.

Who is Ms. Ujena?

This area in school is where we usually play MVPA, REC, and Co-Op.

Where is the South Campus Black top?


This person helps Mr. Murchison handle various administrative tasks and meet with teachers to provide a better school environment.

Who is the Vice Principal, Mr. Vera?


This is a student job in which 5th graders help the school with the traffic flow.

What is Safety Patrol?


If you and your team recite the respect rules out loud, you may get the 500 points.

What is "I respect myself, 

I respect others,

I Respect materials,

and I take responsibility for my own actions."


This is Ms. Ujena's job title.

What is Site Director?


This area is where we meet for PrimeTime in the afternoon.

Where is the North Campus Lunch Arbor?


This person develop standardized curricula, assess teaching methods, monitor student achievement, encourage parent involvement, revise policies and procedures, administer the budget, hire and evaluate staff and oversee facilities.

Who is the Principal, Mr. Murchison?


This is the big blue bridge that was made in February 1967.

What is the San Diego Coronado Bridge?

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