Maps and Directions
Regions of Virginia
Map Symbols

Complete this sentence about directions on a map.

Never eat soggy ____________


N = north

E = east

S = soggy

W = waffles


If I want to go to the beach, I would go to

a. the Piedmont

b. the Blue Ridge Mountains

c. the coastal plain

c. the Coastal Plain   The "coast" means the land by the water.  There beach is by the water.


When you see areas of blue on a map, you are probably looking at 

a. water like a river, lake or ocean

b. outer space

c. a continent



There are _____________ continents

a. 7

b. 200

c.  40

a.  seven continents


When looking at the top of a map, you are probably looking 

a. south

b. west

c. north

c. North    Remember your compass rose?


How many geographic regions are in Virginia?

a. 4

b. 6

c. 5

c. 5      Virginia has 5 regions!


When you see a star * by the name of a city you are looking at a ____________ city.

a. large

b. capitol

c. donut

b. capitol of the state like Richmond, Va. or country like Washington D. C.


What continent is south of North America

a. Europe

b. SOUTH America

c. Asia

b. SOUTH America is located below or south of North America on a map. 


The continent at the very bottom of the globe is

a.  north

b.  south

b.  south.  Antarctica is at the south pole.


If I want to go hiking I might go to the

a. Blue Ridge Mountains

b. the Plateau

a.  The Blue Ridge Mountain chain is know for the many hiking trails that run through it.


When you see see two sided shapes like this ^^^ on a map you are looking at

a. water

b. a railroad

c. mountains

c. mountains


We live in

a. North America

b. Asia

c. Africa

a. We live in north America


The state that is south of  Virginia is Ohio. True or False?

False.  It is North Carolina


The region of Virginia where Richmond is located is

a. the Plateau

b. the Blue Ridge Mountains

c. the Piedmont

c. Piedmont


When you see this on a map you are look in at a compass rose.  True or False?



If you wanted to see penguins what continent would you travel to?

a. Asia

b. Australia

c. Antarctica

c.  Antarctica.  This is a very cold place and penguins like really cold weather!


The state that is mostly west of Virginia is

West Virgiinia


What is the capitol of Virginia?

a. Charlottesville

b. Washington D. C.

c.  Richmond

c.  Richmond is the capitol of Virginia


A compass rose tells 

a.  the size of the map

b.  directions like north, south, east and west

c.  how far it is from one place to another

b.  north, south, east, west


What continent is also an island (surrounded on all sides by water?)

a. Australia

b. North America

c. Asia

a.  Australia is a continent and an island!

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