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A comparison using "like" or "as" Ex. "Life is like a box of chocolates."

What is a simile?


A conversation between two or more people.

What is dialogue?


The main idea or main point that the author is making, or what the text is mostly about.

What is the central idea?


When writing your essay, what Disney character should you think pf? 

Who is Olaf? 

Your essay’s format should resemble Olaf’s body. 

Head (Paragraph 1) Introductory info/Thesis statement.

Body (Paragraph 2,3,4) Where the warm hugs (details, text evidence, analysis, evaluation etc). 

Bottom (Paragraph 5) Conclusion/Restated thesis. 


The feeling created by a piece of literature. Ex. Joyful, Mournful

What is mood?


Direct comparison Ex. "The front is a cage.

What is a metaphor?


Clues that hint at what is going to happen later in the plot.

What is foreshadowing?


When an author is instructing, entertaining, or persuading the reader.

What is the purpose?


This is the MOST important sentence in the entire essay. 

What is a thesis statement? The last sentence in the introductory paragraph. It is the guide for the entire essay and directly answers the questions of the writing prompt or the writer, states the objective of the task, the title of the work, and the author. 

  Ex: In their own creative adaptations, Bruegel, Williams, and Auden entertain ideas of failure in regard to Ovid’s character, the overly ambitious Icarus. 


The author/speaker's attitude toward the subject.

What is tone?


Gives human characteristics to non-humans. Ex. "The trees whispered in the breeze."

What is personification? 


The moral or lesson that the story is trying to teach/convey.

What is theme?


The act of coming to a conclusion based on facts or making and educated guess.

What is an inference?


Ways to begin an introductory paragraph: 

What are: 

Providing background info about the topic

State a fact

Give a  common misconception

Describe a problem 

Relate the topic to a potential experience


When a character struggles with an internal or external force.

What is a conflict?


Extreme exaggeration. Ex. "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse."

What is hyperbole? 


A reference to a person, place, or another work of literature. Ex. In Persepolis, Marji talks about listening to Kim Wilde & Iron Maiden.

What is an allusion?


How a passage is organized. Ex. Compare and contrast, cause and effect, etc.

What is structure?


These four things allow for a strong thesis statement

What is: arguable, presents an opinion, addresses a prompt, addresses a claim? 


When two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect Ex. Living death, jumbo shrimp

What is an oxymoron?


an object, person, situation, event, or action that represents something else.

What is a Symbol/Symbolism?


The positive or negative feelings/emotions that are associated with a word.

What is connotation?


What are the three methods of persuasion? 

Ethos, Pathos, Logos 


List the colors of the *LITERARY RAINBOW* 

What are: 

Red- Hook/Topic Sentence 

Yellow-Thesis Statement 

Green-Quote Lead In 

Pink-Quotes/Text Evidence 

Orange- In-text citation/paratheatrical 

Blue- Commentary/Evaluation 


Who is the most *MAGICAL* teacher of all time?

Magical Mrs. Ryan 

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