Big Emotions and Coping Skills
Friendship and Communication
Executive Functioning

Define coping skill.

Things that help you handle situations that are difficult or challenging, allowing you to calm down, problem solve, and think things through.


What are the traits of a good friend?

Friends are kind, supportive, forgiving, honest and polite, truthful, keep things between you, and treat you with respect. Friends encourage you to be your best and make good choices.


True or False: Executive Functioning skills include: Time Management, Organization, Planning, and Prioritizing. 



Why is it important to use coping skills?

When things feel too big for too long, it can be damaging to our health and our relationships. It is important to manage our emotions and ask for help when we need it.


We can say our words in many different ways. "I'm fine" can sound a lot different, depending on someone's __________.

Tone! It isn't always what you say, but HOW you say it :)


Why is it important to stay organized?

Helps us be efficient so we can find what we need quickly. Eliminates distractions to improve focus. Etc.


True or False: Stress doesn't effect your body.

False! Stress can influence focus, sleep, eating, and routines. Too much stress can headaches or pain and lower your immune system so that you are more prone to illness.


True or False: It is best to communicate about a problem using an "I Statement".

True! Using an I statement allows you to own your feelings and describe them to someone else without blaming or attacking. 

BONUS- Give me one "I Statement"

I feel _________ when you __________. Please _________.


Impulse control is one of the executive functioning skills. How can you control your impulses?

Stop and Think. Count. Take a deep breath.


True or False: If you know something is going to be challenging for you, you can cope-ahead. 

True! You can prepare yourself for situations that are tough. If there is a test, then you can study and ask your teacher questions to prepare. If you think you may feel nervous about something, you can bring a journal and pen or fidget tool along.


True or False: You can really only have one best friend.



You have a big project due in two weeks. You need a one page essay, slide show, and activity for your classmates. How can you plan this out for yourself?

Write it in your planner. Take it step by step. Make an outline. Work with your teachers for support. Get things done step by step. 


Name 7 Coping Skills

Drawing, walking, painting, talking, video games, baths, knitting, snuggling a pet, reading, deep breathing, etc.


How can you avoid drama?

Stay away from gossip. Get help from adults. Be a good friend. Be honest and respectful. 


What are some strategies for practicing self-control?

  1. Practice coping strategies. ...
  2. Practice positive self-talk. ...
  3. Practice mindful breathing. ...
  4. Play games. ...
  5. Discuss scenarios.
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