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What is H.A.L.T? How can it save you from relapse?

When we get hungry, angry, lonely or tired, these are potential triggers that could easily lead to anger and other negative emotions. And those emotions can lead to relapse. So being aware of HALT allows us to take a few simple actions to protect our sobriety... like having a snack, or taking a nap, or stepping away from a heated argument. It could be the difference between a sober day or a loaded day.


Saturday Night Live and Tommy Boy Comedian

Who was Chris Farley?

On December 18, 1997, Farley was found dead by his younger brother John in his apartment in the John Hancock Center in Chicago. He was 33 years old. An autopsy revealed that Farley had died of an overdose of a combination of cocaine and morphine, commonly known as a "speedball".  


"The Hangover" hunk

Who is Bradley Cooper?

Bradley Cooper battled cocaine and alcohol addiction before his Hangover fame: 'I was so lost' Cooper explained.


Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors are the primary focus in this form of therapy.

What is CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?


The Bermuda Triangle is located in this ocean.

What is the Atlantic Ocean?

More than 50 ships and 20 airplanes are said to have mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.


In general, is it possible for an addict or alcoholic to practice moderation in their disease? Explain.

It is an addict's nature to want more. More drugs, more adrenaline, more money, more sex... more, more, more. Moderation would almost feel like a punishment to most addicts or alcoholics. To be retrained from whetting their full appetite, they get frustrated and obsess with getting more.


The Soundgarden singer.

Soundgarden was an American rock/grunge band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1984 by singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell. The Soundgarden front-man had a long history of drug addiction and depression before his apparent suicide in 2017.


Guns N Roses Guitar God

Who is Slash??

Now 16 years clean and sober, the 56-year-old rock legend has been open about his past addiction to alcohol and heroin.


Neurotransmitters are your brain's chemical messengers from one nerve cell to another; they can create certain moods or feelings.

Name 3 Neurotransmitters.

What are Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA, Glutamate, Norepinephrine, Endorphins, etc.


This was the name of the Robin Williams film where he dresses up as an elderly British nanny.

What is "Mrs. Doubtfire"?


Why is a MORNING RECOVERY ROUTINE important for sobriety?

It sets the tone for your day. It helps you to be more positive by including gratitude lists, recovery readings and connection with others in the program. It helps to prepare you for any 'curve balls' that might come your way throughout the day.


Bubbly blond American model, actress, and 1990's Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Who was Anna Nicole Smith?

Cause of death was combined drug intoxication, the primary drug being the potent sedative chloral hydrate. An intestinal flu and a bacterial infection, possibly from an injection with a contaminated needle, were contributing factors.


Country singer, actor and Faith Hill's hubby.

Who is Tim McGraw?

Tim McGraw quit drinking in 2008 when his family and friends began to worry about him. "When your wife tells you it's gone too far, that's a big wake-up call, and realizing you're gonna lose everything you have."


Executive functioning, planning, judgment, decision-making and reasoning are all generated in this part of the brain.

What is the Prefrontal Cortex?


This is the world's longest river.

What is the Nile?


Why is ISOLATION dangerous in Recovery?

When we isolate we lose the accountability of others, which is so necessary in recovery. Isolation also breeds loneliness and boredom, which are big triggers for relapse. Also, when I isolate there no fresh, new information going into my brain becuase no one is around - instead I continue to feed my brain my old, toxic thinking.


Known for his hits "Free Fallin'" and "You Don't Know How It Feels", this famous rocker's fame started in the 1970's and continued after his death in 2017.

Who was Tom Petty?

Within a week of his final show of the Heartbreakers' 40th anniversary tour, Petty was rushed to the hospital in full cardiac arrest, due to an accidental drug overdose. The coroner identified fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam, alprozolam and several other drugs in his system at the time of death.


The "300" hunk.

Who is Gerard Butler?

Butler has been sober now for over 20 years. Before then, he said, he drank with a death wish.


This defense mechanism is present in someone who has intrusive thoughts about a traumatic event but pushes these thoughts out of their mind and out of their own conscious awareness.

What is Repression?


We all know that in Recovery, NA stands for Narcotics Anonymous. But this is what Na stands for on the Periodic Table.

What is Sodium?


Why is the acronym H.O.W important in recovery?

Honesty, open-mindedness and willingness are considered indispensable in our literature... honesty is a big change from how we acted in our addiction. We feel better about ourselves and our relationships improve. Trust comes back. Open-mindedness allows us to be teachable and to listen to others - it helps us to realize we don't know it all. And willingness proves to ourselves that we are willing to go to any lengths for our sobriety.


Eccentric American billionaire, investor, record-setting pilot, engineer, film director, and philanthropist, known during his lifetime (1905-1976) as one of the most influential and financially successful individuals in the world.

Who was Howard Hughes?

Hughes died of liver failure in 1976 after his physician administered an overdose of codeine.

Howard Hughes took massive doses of narcotic and painā€killing drugs for many years, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. The illegally obtained drugs destroyed his kidneys and ultimately caused his death, the newspaper said in a copyrighted story.


This Kid is known for rapping up big hits like "Man On The Moon" and "Day N' Nite".

Who is Kid Cudi?

After years of battling depression, anxiety and drug abuse, the influential rapper-singer got clean in 2014.




SSRI's are a widely used type of antidepressant. But what does SSRI stand for? 

What are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors?

SSRI's inhibit the reabsorption of serotonin by neurons, increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain. 


This is where the Oval Office is located in the White House.

What is the West Wing?

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