Seminar Case
Funamental Freedoms
Legal Rights
Limitations of CCRF

In which case was the defendant was sued for defamatory cartoons

Ross V. Beutel


What is the purpose of fundamental freedoms?

- Allows individuals/groups to express themselves, to believe and practice what they choose, and to exercise their right to vote

- Maintains a democratic society


What sections of the Charter pertain to Legal Rights?

Sections 7-14


What case set the precedent for the limitations on freedom of religion

R. v Tutton


In this case, related to freedom of expression, that introduce homosexuality to children aged 5-6, and the parents didn’t support the book

Chamberlain v Surrey School District


What are fundamental freedoms?

- Basic political liberties required in a democracy

- Thy guarantee that individual can act, think, be, or do without government interference


What does Section 7 of the Charter guarantee?

Life, liberty and security of the person, and to not be deprived of these except under special circumstances


What did the R. v Oakes case help achieve in the legal system

Help provide a mechanism for the court to balance, on the one hand, the government's ability to achieve its goals and, on the other, the protection of individual rights


In which case did the child and her parents appeal the court order for treatment under the grounds that it was unconstitutional since it unjustifiably violated the child’s rights under s. 2(a), 7 and 15(1) of the Canadian Charter of rights

A.C. v Manitoba


What are the four fundamental freedoms?

1. freedom of religion

2. freedom of thought, belief, opinion,& expression

3. Freedom of peaceful assembly

4. Freedom of Association


Which Section states that you are innocent until guilty?

Section 11b


On which section would limitations be placed if an individual was to say abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or similar grounds? Why?

Limitations were placed on freedom of expression because the individual promoted hate speech


In which case, the defendant was charged under section 47(a) of the Wildlife Act for hunting in British Columbia while not being a resident of the province? Additionally, he is charged with hunting without a license

R v Desautel (2010)


How is freedom of association limited

It does not protect collective bargaining and striking

Which case introduced the balance test?

R. v. Oakes


Are limitations on freedom of religion placed because of our beliefs or our actions?

Because of our actions

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