Behavior Support Tech.
Strategies for Emotional First Aid
Power Struggle/Conflict
Avoiding Power Struggles
Violent Situation

Three ways to avoid power struggles

Use Positive self-talk

Listening and validate feelings

Managing the environment 

Giving choices and the time to decide

Redirecting the young person to another positive activity

Appealing to the child's self-interest

Dropping or changing the expectation


List four behavior support techniques

Managing The Environment


Caring Gesture

Redirection & Distractions

Hurdle Help


Directive Statements

Time Away

Identify the 4 stages of the Power Struggle/Conflict Cycle.

Stressful Situation/Triggering event

Child's Feelings

Child's Behaviors

Adults Response


What are the 4 elements of a potentially violent situation?

A potential trigger to violence

A target

A weapon

Level of stress or motivation


List the strategies for emotional first aid

Drain Off Emotions

Clarify Events

Maintain the relationship and lines of communication

Remind the child of expectations and medicate the situation as necessary.