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Adulting stage one skills
Interview skills
Transition skills

What are soft skills? 

Soft skills are personality traits and behaviors that will help candidates get hired and succeed in their work. 


It's important to have this item with you at all times and keep it in your wallet.

what is an NYS nondrivers ld.


How should you dress for an interview? 

it depends on where the interview is, but you should dress business casual/professional. This means a clean shirt neat pants, no jeans or sweatpants, no leggings. hair neat etc.    


  What does self-advocacy mean?  

Self-Advocacy is speaking up for yourself. It is making your own choices in life, big and small. It is learning about your rights and responsibilities. It is living the way you want to and respecting the right of others to do the same.” (The Self-Advocacy Association of NYS )


What is a resume and why do we have one? 

•A resume is a formal document that displays an individual's professional background and relevant skills. Those interested in finding a new job write a resume. Hiring managers or recruiters usually collect resumes through an organization's career website, a job search engine, a professional social media page or in person. Most resumes consist of work history, education, a professional summary and a list of skills. (Indeed)


What are hard skills? 

Hard skills, also known as technical skills, knowledge, or training that you have gained through any life experience, including in your career or education. Also, skills that you have already have. 


Something that you should be a part of and not have mom or dad etc. just do.  

what is being on any emails about you(me) and my next steps?  


what are three things you can do to prepare for an interview.  

1. Do a practice interview.

2. Read some information on the company. 

3. read about the role more online. more than just wants on the job posting. 



it's important that I know my _____ &___ 

Rights and Responsibilities


what should be included in your resume?  

When creating your resume, make sure it includes your contact information, a summary of your qualifications, your relevant skills, and your work experience or class experience. Remember to proofread for any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.


what is an example of soft skill and what is an example of a hard skill? 

soft skill - Integrity, Dependability, Effective communication, Open-mindedness, Teamwork, Creativity, Problem-solving, Critical thinking, Adaptability, Organization Willingness to learn, Empathy.

Hard Skills - Google Classroom, MS word, TEAMS, email, ZOOM, computer


This meeting you should be doing most of the talking and speaking about what you want! 

What is your (MY) IEP meeting 


When asked "Tell me about yourself" The interviewer wants too about what? 

what are soft skills and hard skills that you have and your work ethic? 


why is being able to able to speak about your needs & wants important before leaving high school?  

You (I) need to be able to speak for yourself when in a meeting/interview after high school  


How Many types of resume do you think there are?

what are two types of resume 


what is harder to learn soft skills or hard skills?

Soft Skills - Because Soft Skills are personal habits and traits.  Soft skills are essential to your career and as you search for jobs. soft skills are necessary to create a positive and functional work environment. For this reason, employers often seek individuals who possess proven soft and hard skills. 


This personal number is a number you should start to remember. 

what is your(MY) social security number?   


When asked, "Why do you want to work at this company?" During an interview how should you answer the question 

 Employers want to see that you’ve done the research on the company and that it’s a place where you could build your career. They want to see that you are enthusiastic about the company and the role


______ Thinking is an important skill you (I) should have before leaving High School 

critical Thinking. 


provide a definition for a functional resume     

what is a resume that showcases one's skills 


when looking at a job posting online what skills are more often on job posting.  

A Mix of but there are soft skills is going to see more on a job posing.


you should be involved or know what is going on when mom and dad are ...

Filling out form, for ACESS, or any forms that are involving you (me) and your(my) next steps 


When you are asked about your greatest weaknesses during an interview, how should you respond?

1. The interviewer is interested in assessing your level of self-awareness and your ability to grow and develop. 


When you leave high school, you should be able to do some 

______ ____

I should be able to solve some problems on my own. 


 Provide your definition of a chronological  resume 

What is a resume that states your work history in order from most current to oldest jobs held. 

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