Word Problems
Math Logic (TRIPLE)

Simplify ⁴⁄₆


Solve for x. 

4x + 5 = 25

x = 5
If a rectangle has a width of 2 inches and a perimeter of 18 inches, then what is it's length? 

(remember units!!)

7 inches


If Aaron spends 2 hours a day playing video games, how many total hours does he spend on video games in 1 week. 

14 hours


Which letter is the odd one? A Z L N H K F

Answer : L

Except L all the other letters are formed by three lines. L is formed with only two letters. So, L is the odd one among the letters.

So, answer is L.


Simplify ⁶¹⁄₆ to a mixed number

10 ⅙


Solve for y. 

2 (3 + 4) = y

y = 14


Find x

(drawing on board)

x = 81°


There are 180 days in a school year. You get 3 assignments a day. How many assignments do you get in a school year. 

540 assignments


The day before yesterday I was 25.
The next year I will be 28.
This is true only one day in a year.
What day is my Birthday ?

My birthday is on December 31. I am telling this on January 1.
Day before yesterday (dec 30)    = I am 25
Present day (January 1)               = I am 26
this year december 31                 = I will be 27.

Next year december 31               = I will be 28.


Simplify ²⁰⁄₂₅ x ⁵⁄₂₅



3(2x + 1) - 5 = 34

x = 6


Find the area of a right triangle if it's base is 8 units and the height is 6 units.

24 units 2


If it takes 20 minutes for Jackie to make 12 cookies, and she needs to bake 64 for her class, how long will it take her to make all 64?

(remember units!!)

106 and ⅔ minutes


You have a lighter and two ropes. Each rope burns up in 60 minutes from end to end. The ropes do not burn evenly, however, so you cannot assume that half the rope burns in 30 minutes, or that X percent of the rope burns in X percent of the time. How can you measure 45 minutes? 

First arrange the two ropes A and B so you are holding all four of the rope ends. At the start, light both ends of rope A and one end rope B. Exactly when rope A burns up, light the other end of rope B. The time from the start to when rope B burns up is exactly 45 minutes.

To see why, first note that it takes rope A exactly 30 minutes to burn up. Intuitively this makes sense. If rope A burns in 60 minutes with one flame, then it would burn in 30 = 60/2 with two flames. After 30 minutes, some amount of rope B is left. By similar logic, it will take 15 minutes to burn what remains of rope B with two flames.

Therefore, the total time to burn both ropes is 30 + 15 = 45 minutes.


Simplify ¹²⁄₅ x ⅚


¼ (2 + 4) + 3x = 13 ½

 x = 4


How do you find the height of an equilateral triangle?

You draw a line from a vertex of the triangle to the opposite side and the measure of that line is your height.


Jerritt wants to buy a car but it costs $4650. He wants a job that pays him $5 per hour. He will work 20 hours weekly. How many weeks will he have to work to be able to afford a car 

(small hint- round up!)

47 weeks


A teacher gave 13 marks to one student and 12 marks to another student in one exam.

Can you tell the TIME by using the above sentence ????

The teacher gave a total of 25 marks to two students. 25 is
a quarter.

So, teacher gave “Quarter to Two”.

Time format to “Quarter to Two” is 1.45.


⁴⁄₉ ÷ ¼

¹⁶⁄₉ or 1 ⁷⁄₉


9 + (10 - 7)2 x A = 63

A = 6


If two angles are supplementary and one is 70° , what is the measure of the other angle?



It takes 100 minutes to run from 112th street to 92nd. If I need to run all the way to 12th street, how many hours will it take?

16 2/3 hours


You have 3 litre bottle and 5 litre bottle. How can you measure 4 litres of water by using 3Lt and 5Lt bottles???

Solution 1 :

1. First fill 3Lt bottle completely and pour 3 litres into 5Lt bottle.
2. Again fill 3Lt bottle completely. now pour 2 litres into 5Lt bottle until it becomes full.
3. Now empty 5Lt bottle.
4. Pour remaining 1 litre in 3Lt bottle into 5Lt bottle.
5. Now again fill 3Lt bottle completely and pour 3 litres into 5Lt bottle.
6. Now you have 4 litres in 5Lt bottle. That’s it.

Solution 2 :

1. First fill 5Lt bottle completely and pour 3 litres into 3Lt bottle.
2. Empty 3Lt bottle.
3. Pour remaining 2 litres in  5Lt bottle into 3Lt bottle.
4. Again fill 5Lt bottle completely and pour 1 litre into 3 Lt bottle until it becomes full.
5. Now you have 4 litres in 5Lt bottle. That’s it.