Mrs. Morse

True or False: Should you keep your grades up, and have your assignments done on time, and why?

You are able to participate in the quarterly reward trips and free Fridays every other week, plus you get to see amazing grades.


How are you able to bond with your friends in 8th grade?

When you go on the Washington D.C trip you will spend 3 days with your friends, roommates, and even teachers. You all will see a side of each other that you have never seen before


What are some extracurricular activities you can do in 8th grade

Some include Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, track, cross country, baseball, football, wrestling, golf, cheer, Etc.


8th grade has a good environment.(Yes or No)

Yes, 8th grade has a great environment and you can find a good group of friends if you look hard enough.


What does Mrs. Morse teach?

Mrs.  Morse teaches ELA and public speaking to everyone in 8th grade.


Honor roll requirements are..?

In order to get honor roll you need to keep your grades up and get all A's and B's.


Will you keep the same friends in 8th grade?

Not always.  Losing friends in 8th grade isn't all that bad.  Everyone is learning and figuring out who they are.

Should you try new extracurriculars?

Yes!  You should try new activities to get involved in multiple groups and meet new people.


What if I can't find anyone to hang out with?

Normally you can find a few great friends but if not Mrs.  Hooper can help you figure out how to make new friends.


What does Mrs. Morse teach in public speaking?

She teaches everyone how to use hand gestures and how to not be scared of speaking in front of crowds.