Physical Health
Mental Health
Social Health

How often should you get tested for STD's STI's ? 

At least yearly 


What should I do if im worried about a friend or relative? 

- Give reassurance and information , encourage professional help/ self help , try not to be judgemental 


What does the word SMART stand for in the word smart goal? 

Specific , Measurable , Achievable , Relevant , Time Bound 


What form of birth control has the longest efficacy? 

IUD - Lasts for 3-5 years. A tiny device that is inserted in your uterus and its one of the most effective birth controls. 



Getting on a better sleep schedule can improve your stress management 

TRUE - sleeping can calm and restore the body , improves concentration. Lack of sleep can lead to high levels of stress, frustration , depression , and anxiety. 


What are the 8 domains of wellness?

Social , Physical , Environmental , Intellectual , Occupational , Financial , Spiritual , Emotional 


What is the major difference of Stimulants and Depressants? 

Stimulants speed up the central nerve system and depressants do the opposite by slowing all the parts of the body. 


Your about to take a test but you notice that you start having signs of a panic attack. What do you think you should do?

Practice breathing strategies, be in a safe and comfortable environment, think of positive and happy thoughts, etc (whatever calms you down).


How does addiction affect your relationship with others? 

People struggling with addiction can take out their frustration and aggression on loved ones. 


Why do some people with addiction disorders struggle to get the help they need? 

money (therapists, doctors, etc are too expensive), no support system, feel hopeless, no available appointments, limited access to treatment, scared to commit. 

You realize that your friend is missing school recently and when they do show up they look unmotivated and aren't acting like their normal self. What should you do?

Try and talk to them in a private area, ask if they need anything, inform them with professional help , comfort them, etc. 


What is consent and what isn't consent ? 

NOT CONSENT - being asleep , intoxicated , saying yes because you feel pressured , silence , flirting, etc.

CONSENT- a verbal and clear yes, all parties mutually consenting , being aware they can change their mind 


When are women the most fertile ? 

The most fertile days are the three days leading up to and including ovulation because the egg is released. 

What are three symptoms of anxiety ?

trouble sleeping, concentrating, sweating , trembling, experiencing nausea 


You are provided with a resources paper because you are in an unhealthy relationship. What are some resources provided? 

Therapist phone numbers, facilities , therapy groups, etc.