Attendance/ Duty
Safety/ Discipline
Grading/ Technology
Dress Code/ Additional Information

Morning Duty begins at



While students are on campus, we must ALL use the 

Single Point of Entry


_________ Math is the new Math Curriculum being used for K-3 and ALL DL.

________  ________ is the new Dual Language curriculum being implemented in DL K-4th. 


Benchmark Adelante


The J Campus grade book must be kept current. You must enter grades in JCampus __________ of any assignment being given. 

Within a week


Cell phones are not to be seen or used during instructional time, with the exception of the _______,

_______, _____________.

Planning period,  lunch, or break. 


If you do not have morning duty, you are to be signed in and in your classroom by 



Any staff member who WITNESSES or IS TOLD of an accident or injury, CAN and MUST complete an 

Incident/ Accident Report 


Grade level teams and content teams are expected to collaborate and  meet _______ in the grade chair's classroom. 


3-5th, 3/4th DL / ELD & PE Collab. Planning is on Tues.

PK-2, K-2DL/ ELD Collab. Planning is on Thur. 


Graded test papers must be sent home for all students in 1-5th grade. Graded tests must be sent home at least every other week beginning _______________.

Sept. 11


Professional dress is expected by all staff at all times. ________& ______ will be our universal jean days. Any time jeans are worn they must be hole free. 

Monday & Friday 


Duty personnel are required to ______________ this mean moving about the duty area and communicating with students and enforcing behavior expectations. 

Actively Monitor


Only allow _____ student out of your room at a time to use the restroom outside of the scheduled class restroom time. 



Cluster meetings will be held weekly beginning the week of _________________


Pre K, K, 1st, 2nd, K-2DL & ELD will attend Cluster on Tues.

3-5th, 3/4th DL/ ELD & PE will attend Cluster on Thur. 


Use of an app, ClassDojo is suggested to communicate to parents. I urge you not to share your ____________ with parents. 

Personal cell phone number


Email is our primary communication tool. You should check your email and mailbox at least ______ a day. 



In the event of your absence, please put your absence in the UKG system and email _______ & _______ by ________

Viola Cosgrove and Fannie Johnson by 7:15.


Students must be escorted to the restroom as a class during their set restroom time. When taking the whole class on an assigned  restroom break, students waiting to use the restroom must be ___________. PBIS Discipline consequences must be issued for those students who do not follow the restroom policy. 

Seated along the wall reading a book.


Teachers will submit completed Daily Exit Tickets with success criteria  that include the Standard  for each subject to determine the % of  daily student mastery. Daily Exit Tickets & Assessments  will be due weekly in the Drive  beginning ___________.

     Mon. Aug. 21


Attendance is due each morning at ______.



Smoking and Vaping are not allowed on campus, including the parking lot, at any time. Should you wish to smoke, you must 

Leave the campus to do so


An Administrative Conference will be conducted on your _______and ______ absence. A Special Conference with HR will be conducted on your ______ absence. 

8th and 10th   11th


Except for major, over the top behavior, use the progressive discipline approach as outlined in the PBIS Discipline tracker. The PBIS Discipline steps include; ________,

________,__________, ___________, __________,

and _________

Progressive discipline approach

Behavior Report, Phone call home, Buddy Timeout, PE Det., Office Timeout, AM Det., Parent Conf., Referral


Assessments must mirror the Benchmark and LEAP format this includes; 

Part A/B, multi select, and a written response.


You will be provided with a table of due dates for each type of grade per nine weeks. Failure to have the required number of grades in by the date and time given will result in an ___________

Administrative Conf. 


An employee who fails to record her time in the digital timekeeping system more than five (5) times in either the first or second half of the fiscal year (July 1 to December 31 or January 1 to June 30) may be subject to_____________.

Disciplinary Action